Happy Christmas Jumper Day!

Happy Christmas Jumper Day!

Grow Talk by Sofy Robertson

Photography by Sofy Robertson (and an epic chair prop selfie from Claire Pearce)

Friday 14th December; the day has finally come to don ridiculous festive knitwear in aid of charity. Grow are extremely excited to be taking part in Christmas Jumper Day to raise money for Save the Children.

After the office Christmas party last night, kudos has to be given to all members of Team Grow that made it into the office and joined in with jingling jumpers and wobbling pom-poms to raise money for a fantastic cause.


Christmas Jumper Day

Claire Pearce shows her dedication to Christmas Jumper Day despite working from home.


Donations of £2 or more have been dropped in to the collecting box and our stickers for taking part in Christmas Jumper Day are firmly stuck to our woollens. Christmas Jumper Day seems like a good excuse to take part in some silly festive fun and flout the office dress code but, as with most fundraising events, there is a seriousness underneath the sequins.


Christmas Jumper Day

Woolly hugs between Joff Alexander-Frye and Llew Nicholls.


The Power of the Pullover

A donation of £2 could pay for the antibiotics to treat five children suffering from pneumonia, one of the biggest killers of children. A £5 donation could pay for educational toys to help children in the UK learn through playing. Paying £10 this Christmas Jumper Day could pay for a hat and blanket for a newborn baby in Afghanistan which will keep them warm during their first crucial days of life.

Visit the Save the Children website to find out more about how the money you raise today is used to improve the lives of children across the world, including nine-year-old Rudi’s story.


Christmas Jumper Day

Llew and Stella Nicholls were papped as soon as they walked into the office this morning.


From wool to wonga

For those of us in the Grow office, the day will mainly consist of hunkering down in our knitwear and surviving the day after the night before. We may be feeling a tad fragile, but we haven’t ruled out having a go at one of the following festive fundraising activities.


Christmas Jumper Day

Our graphic designer Sarah Reis has gone all out to include Drew Mason in Christmas Jumper Day, photoshopping him into this fetchingly festive jumper as he spends his last working day at Heathrow.


Carol-oke – What could be more festive than a sweater singalong on a wintry Friday? Sing to the other offices in your building, or if you’re really brave, to the outside world to boost your fun-draising.

Bake sale – Bake (or cheat and buy) some goodies to fuel your office and get some more pounds in the pot.

Decorate the boss – crack out the tinsel and baubles and have a decorating the boss competition. Make sure to upload any photos and hashtag #christmasjumperday .

Pin the nose on James Blunt – This one is included in your festive fundraising pack; an even stranger game than pin the tail on the donkey, but sure to be a good laugh.


Christmas Jumper Day

Alice Bryan and Sarah Reis showing off their knitwear.


Show us your knitwear!

We’ve shown you ours, now we want to see yours! Share your Christmas Jumper Day photos with us by tagging us in on social media, adding them to the comments section on the article or emailing them to sofy.growmarketinguk@gmail.com . Happy Christmas Jumper Day to you all!


Christmas Jumper Day

Say cheese for charity! From left to right: Llew Nicholls, Stella Nicholls, Sarah Reis, Sofy Robertson and Alice Bryan.

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