Dylan’s Snowdon Hike; Can You Support His Fundraising Journey?

Dylan’s Snowdon Hike; Can You Support His Fundraising Journey?

By Sofy Robertson

Photos provided by Stuart Crook

Eight-year-old Dylan Crook never had the opportunity to meet his nan as she died of cancer before he was born. Dylan’s “other nan” recently beat breast cancer, so Dylan decided to stand up to cancer by hiking Mount Snowdon (along with his toy badger) to raise money for Cancer Research UK. Will you support Dylan’s Snowdon Hike?

Dylan, who will be nine when he tackles the climb on Saturday 2nd August, acknowledges that he has “very small legs” to face this “very big hill” and hopes that those in his community will sponsor him, or even come along and walk with him.

Dylan’s dad, Stuart Crook, is the co-founder of our latest Indie of the Month feature, Pop-Up Events. Stuart recalls how his son said to him:

“If we all just did one special thing a year to help others, wouldn’t the world be a much happier place?”

Stuart describes Dylan as “a clever and sensitive little man.” He continues:

“Dylan’s fundraising target is £1000 and any support would be so gratefully received; he has completely chosen to do this on his own.”

Dylan’s Snowdon Hike has an ambitious fundraising target, one that he is determined to achieve, and Dylan is hopeful that his target won’t be the only ambitious one, as he explained to Stuart:

“Daddy just think, if 100 people joined us and they all raised £1000 that would be more money than I could ever raise.”

Dylan has raised over £200 so far in his fundraising campaign, comically named Dylan’s Big Day Out!

In Dylan’s words:

“No matter how old or how little your legs are, can make a difference.”

To donate to Dylan’s Snowdon Hike, or to find out how to join him in fundraising and climbing Mount Snowdon, click here.

Dylan's Snowdon Hike

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