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Cullompton’s Relief Road Progresses After Cabinet Decision

Cullompton’s Relief Road Progresses After Cabinet Decision

Members of Mid Devon District Council’s Cabinet have voted to recommend a preferred route for the town centre relief road.

Following a six week consultation period with the public a preferred route for the planned relief road in Cullompton will now be put forward to Devon County Council, which is the local highway authority.

The six week consultation period was held in September and October 2018 and of the 617 responses the results showed:

  • The majority agreed with the need for a relief road (yes 77%, no 13%, not sure 10%).
  • A clear preference was shown for Option B in response to the question: Which option do you prefer? Preferred option: A 15%, B 45%, C 27%, none 14% (to the nearest whole number)

The preferred route, Option B, connects Station Road to Duke Street near the Meadow Lane junction. It is within the corridor between the town centre to the west and the railway /motorway to the east. It allows good air quality improvement in the town centre, diverts more traffic from the town centre than option C and would be achievable at an estimated cost of £14.5 million (compared to £10.5 million for option A and £51-53 million for option C).


The Cabinet also voted to:

  • Carry out further technical work which is likely to include design details, flood risk mitigation measures as well as work to integrate and improve the existing road network.
  • Consider a further public consultation exercise which would be carried out before any planning application is submitted
  • Use £250,000 of section 106 funds (section 106 funds are contributions from developers) towards the relief road project
  • Explore if aspects of a revision to the southern end of option B (put forward by a member of the public following the consultation) could be incorporated

The relief road is deemed a much needed investment for the town in order to allow sustainable growth as well as address environmental concerns including air quality and congestion. It will also improve the attractiveness of the townscape and will be an important first phase of further infrastructure improvements such as a new or improved junction for the M5.

Cllr Richard Chesterton, Cabinet member for planning and regeneration, said:

“We have listened to the advice of the technical experts who put forward a series of proposals, as well as our community in Cullompton, and I am glad that a preferred route has now been agreed. There is a lot more work to be done but this is an exciting proposal and one that we want to deliver for the residents and businesses of Cullompton.”

Jenny Clifford, Head of Planning Economy and Regeneration said:

“A huge amount of preparatory work has gone into the relief road project so far and I welcome the Cabinet’s decision to take these plans to the next stage. We will now continue our work with colleagues at Devon County Council, potential affected land owners and local sports providers to ensure this project continues to move forward.”

Cabinet voted unanimously to approve the recommendation. As with all decisions taken by Cabinet a five day “calling in period” will now be held before the decision can be ratified.

The full report presented to Cabinet can be read here:

For more information please contact:

Jenny Clifford via the Communications Team Mid Devon District Council

Tel: 01884 234 232 Email:

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