Breathe Exeter Initiative Launches At Exeter City Football Club

Breathe Exeter Initiative Launches At Exeter City Football Club

Written by Sofy Robertson / Photos by Matt Round Photography

Yesterday evening saw the launch of the Breathe Exeter initiative at Exeter City Football Club; a collaborative event with Grow’s headline partner Lightfoot.

As Exeter’s pioneering sustainability initiative, there was a lot of buzz surrounding the event held at St James Park and, on arrival, guests were greeted with the Lightfoot Mini Cooper, as well as photographs and drinks on entry.

Around 150 guests were in attendance from a range of businesses across the city including Absolute PR & Marketing, Invest in Exeter, City Science, Exeter City Futures and Glen King PR.

Canapés were provided by Exeter City Football Club and included delicious morsels like bite-sized Toad in the Hole and Pies, as well as Tex-Mex favourites, Jalapeño Poppers.

The real surprise of the night had to be the ‘Hugging Hedges’; people dressed in hedge costumes who spent the evening hugging guests and ‘photo bombing’.

Hugging hedges at the Breathe Exeter initiative launch.

Guests were also treated to a live musical performance by the talented musician, and previous Grow Magazine cover star, Adam in the Hat.

Kicking off the speeches, so to speak, was Grow’s Chief Commercial Officer, Llew Nicholls. Llew spoke about Grow’s collaboration with Lightfoot and thanked Exeter City Football Club for their hospitality. Speaking about the Lightfoot campaign, Llew explained:

“Breathe Exeter is an initiative to maintain and improve the already amazing air quality in Exeter. We are quite privileged to already have amazing air quality in the city and it is a case study that will be launched across the UK.”

At the end of his speech, Llew introduced Martin McCourt, former CEO of Dyson, whose speech was hailed to be the highlight of the night.

Martin has taken on the role of Non-Executive Chairman of Lightfoot and hailed the Breathe Exeter initiative as a “fantastic idea”. Martin praised the “sheer inventiveness” of our country and continued:

“Mark and his team at Lightfoot have got one hell-of-a-good idea […] [they] have got a unique opportunity to grow their business.

“A measure of how well you’re doing is how much people take note of what you’re doing and try to stop you.”

Martin McCourt at the Breathe Exeter initiative launch

Martin highlighted the fact that Lightfoot have no competition out there as there is no product like Lightfoot on the market. He also spoke of Lightfoot as a “collective action” that people can be a part of to reduce emissions.

The last speaker of the night was Mark Roberts, CEO of Lightfoot. He described the Breathe Exeter initiative as “really cool” and one that can be taken across the country “if it works”. Making it work, he explained, was up to the people in the room and the people in the city.

“If we club together and do this, the great businesses and people of Exeter can build this initiative and give it momentum and it can become a global initiative where the world will be looking back at Exeter, the people and businesses, as the originators of something massive.”

Mark Roberts at the Breathe Exeter initiative launch.

Stella Nicholls, our Content Editor who attended the evening on behalf of Grow, recalls some of the highlights, saying:

“Who doesn’t love a visit to ECFC?  And with the added pleasure of ‘Adam in the Hat’ there was certainly no mistaking that we were in Exeter. ‘Breathe Exeter’, to be exact.

“It was a pleasure networking amongst some of Exeter’s finest, amidst flowing canapés and bubbles aplenty. Hats off to ECFC for putting on such a fine (and delicious) spread. And the hugging hedges – an inspiration! I asked one of the hedges, as she cuddled me, if she could see through the greenery. I’m still not sure what the answer was; note to self – learn ‘mime language’.”

Adam in the Hat at the Breathe Exeter initiative launch

To find out more about Breathe Exeter, visit their website and join the exciting environmental revolution!

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