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Action to prevent suicide

Action to prevent suicide

‘It’s OK not to be OK’ has become a rapidly popular hash tag and part of the campaign from the You Matter Suicide Prevention Lifeline. More than ever, it is time to talk about our well-being and to celebrate days like today’s World Suicide Prevention Day for the awareness they bring to such an important elephant in the room.

World Suicide Prevention Day, an initiative run by the International Association for Suicide Prevention, asserts that we should work together to prevent suicide.

Their Take A Minute campaign details how a few seemingly simple actions can make a huge difference to someone who is contemplating suicide. Listening and being compassionate feature highly in the short but vital document and remind us all how valuable it can be to take just a minute from our busy working life to find out if a friend or colleague is really okay.

Although World Suicide Prevention Day is just that, a day, the message we take from it needs to last us for the remaining 364 and with that in mind we would like to share the ‘Take 5 to Save Lives’ from the IASP:

  1. Learn the warning signs
  2. Do your part
  3. Practise self-care
  4. Reach out
  5. Spread the word

To do your part, you can purchase one of the few remaining tickets for Survivor, a fundraiser in aid of Action to Prevent Suicide which is being held on 14th September at Devon Business and Education Centre. The event features Harry Borden, an acclaimed photographer who has spent five years travelling to photograph holocaust survivors and John Harvey, a well-known Exeter celebrity who has been open in his battles with mental health issues. For more information and to book tickets, visit their website.

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