£80 Million Government Investment In Dawlish Sea Wall

£80 Million Government Investment In Dawlish Sea Wall

By Sofy Robertson

Transport Secretary Chris Grayling announces further funding of up to £80 million in the south west to deliver a new sea wall at Dawlish.

With this funding, the government and Network Rail aim to provide better protection for the railway and homes behind it.

The upgrades to the existing sea wall will increase its height by 2.5 metres and include wave returns to reduce the impact of waves and the likelihood of the line being closed during adverse weather. The improvements will help to ensure that the serious damage and disruption seen during storms in 2014 are not repeated.

The improvements at Dawlish are part of an extensive programme of investment in the south-west to transform connectivity throughout the region, outlined in the Investing in the South West report. The schemes, which total £2 billion, include improvements to the strategic road network, high-speed direct bus connectivity, safe and continuous cycle routes and easier transfer between transport modes.

Transport Secretary Chris Grayling explained:

“We cannot allow the disruption and damage endured by Dawlish and the south west to happen again. This significant investment demonstrates our cast-iron commitment to delivering a resilient and safe railway, giving passengers, businesses and residents confidence in a reliable service.

“With up to £80 million of funding available to create a rigorous set of defences, this new sea wall will help protect this vital route, building on our ambitious plans to grow this region’s economy and prosperity through stronger transport connections.” (Gov.uk)

The announcement was made today as the Transport Secretary visited Dawlish and met with Network Rail and local businesses to discuss how government investment will focus on giving people across the south-west the modern, reliable services they deserve.

Work on the new sea wall will commence in spring and is expected to be completed by 2021. The government has already provided £15 million for Network Rail to design a long-lasting solution to this problem, in addition to the £40 million spent by Network Rail to repair the damage caused in the 2014 storm.

Using detailed geological surveys, Network Rail is continuing to develop solutions for the cliffs along the coast immediately north east of Teignmouth using the £15 million previously announced. This includes the development of an application for the necessary planning consent for work to maintain the cliffs and protect the railway.

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  1. Adam willis

    Having grown up in Dawlish and lived on the cliff adjacent the railway, I think it is great that these works are being implemented. Considering the barrage of waves that pummel the sea wall I’m surprised it has taken so long to happen. I recall huge boulders being torn from the wall during my childhood as previous sea defence schemes failed. As an Architect i hope the design has consideration to place making and the scheme compliments the link between Dawlish and Dawlish Warren. This wall not only protects the railway but is a vital link for tourism during the summer months and a local dog walking/walking route. The need for cycling provision should also be highlighted and I’m sure the design will provide the necessary improvements.

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