Renewable Energy During Lockdown

Renewable Energy During Lockdown

Will we ever change?

Just because we have conducted business in a certain way for a long time does that mean they are right.

This pandemic has shown us all that we can achieve great things without leaving home (who has not invented the most magnificent teddy bear catapult over this lockdown period?). 

If COVID has taught us anything then, it is that time should not be frittered away travelling around the UK having speculative meetings when we can perfectly well conduct a lot of our business using all of the technological tools that have been at our disposal for many years.

What has also been a fantastic by-product of our collective isolation is the lowering of CO2 emissions around the globe; we have all heard the stories of the Ganges running clear, goats invading Wales and clear skies over Everest. Can human beings occupy this planet in a way which is not existentially destructive? The fate of our grandchildren hangs in the balance in answering this question. what we can be sure of is that we have at our disposal the technology is not going to communicate with each other without leaving our respective man or woman caves, but also the ability to produce power without burning fossil fuels.  

I was surprised at how well received my company’s social media’s posts relating to the amount of renewable energy produced during the lockdown period. 

It appears to be a little known fact that the UK has a substantial amount of utility-scale renewables installed and operating; indeed on more than 20 occasions during lockdown, over 50% of all the UK’s power was generated from wind and solar alone. This is a magnificent achievement and a great marker in the sand during these windy and sunny months. However, to complete this energy transition we will need to dig even deeper and be even more innovative in our solving of the greatest problem of our time.

I look forward to rising to the challenge and hope that many of you can join us on this exciting journey. 

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