My Morning Routine: Nick Hook Photography

My Morning Routine: Nick Hook Photography

This month, we caught up with 39 (and 11 months) year old Nick Hook, a professional photographer (Nick Hook Photography) from Topsham, who works across the South West.

Nick describes himself as a “Disheveled man, clutching a camera and wondering where my shoes are. I have a wonderful, snotty, 8-month-old- boy at my feet, who’s currently grabbing our big ginger cat by the tail.”

Nick, describe a typical morning to us:

Oh, how the winds have changed, as previously, my mornings involved being woken up by an enthusiastic cat. My mornings still feature the cat, but beating him to the punch is my 8 month old son, Elliot.

Elliot is the funniest little guy I’ve ever met. He’s basically a runny nose with arms and legs, who growls, roars and farts. And at the mo, he’s very much a morning person, starting anywhere between 4:30 – 6 am. My mornings consist of a strong mix of nappy changes (basically baby-wrangling a wriggling poop monster), ankle bites (cat), cat food, teething snot, beard grabs and Hey Duggee! (if you know, then you know).

What about your breakfast and coffee or tea preferences? What gets you going in the morning?

Caffeine. Definitely caffeine. Starting with a cup of tea in bed every morning with Harry (my incredible partner in crime) and Elliot. Then a quick espresso while I put on whatever dribble/sick stained clothes I have to hand, pop Elliot into his space suit, decant him into his pram and head out. His routine involves a morning nap, so we walk around Topsham, whatever the weather. Taking in the sights of The Goat Walk at 7:45 is wonderful! Once the little guy is snoozing, I usually head to Route 2 Cafe, have an espresso ‘in’ and take away a short black, before strolling back home by 9:30/10ish.

If you were an item of breakfast food, what would you be and why?

The answer to this is many things, given your time of life. But I guess I could be a bacon and marmalade sandwich, on toasted sourdough bread. It’s full of calories, can be messy, and a little odd. It’s a combination of processes that need time to develop, leave crumbs everywhere, but is ultimately a delicious thing.

What would you say is your typical ‘Morning Song’, a song that sums up your morning mood?

Hmm, tricky, possibly “Wake Up” by Rage Against The Machine or “Get it Together” by the Beastie Boys. If I could think of one that says “Where, what, how, sleepy, sleepy, sleep-sleep” I’d put that.

Who would your favourite ‘Carpool Karaoke’ artist be and what would you sing together?

Maybe, Bill Murray and we’d sing Starships “Nothing’s gonna stop us now”. We’d get black coffee and give out doughnuts to strangers.

If you had an endless supply of money, what would your ideal job/hobby be and why?

I’d do what I do now. But I’d tour around all the places I want to eat, snapping away with Elliot & Harry.

What’s your favourite book, TV programme or movie?

TV programme might be The Office: An American Workplace. It’s beautiful and agonisingly awkward. Only up to the seasons that feature Michael Scott (played by Steve Carell). Film wise, probably Blade Runner.

What would your Superhero Name be and what would your Superpower be?

I think I’d be called “Not Superman”. My super powers? Well, I’d be the complete opposite of Superman. And people would shout “Hey, that’s Not Superman!”

To find out more about Nick Hook Photography, take a look at his website.

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