Carlton Cleaning Contractors; Worry Free Cleaning Everyday

Carlton Cleaning Contractors; Worry Free Cleaning Everyday

Carlton Cleaning Contractors Ltd promise “worry free cleaning everyday or your money back … guaranteed.”

What is cleaning?

The official definition is “the action of making something clean”.

At Carlton Cleaning Contractors Ltd, we feel it is a lot more than just a definition. It’s a service that will provide a safe, welcoming environment for all those who occupy it.

Why is it important?

We find that a clean environment not only presents you to be a company who cares about their own hygiene and standards, but a company who appreciates what a clean environment can bring to a business. Whether you are a client-based company or purely an employee-based company, it’s important to show that level of attention to detail as it reflects on how you portray yourselves as a professional establishment. We find that health and safety in any premises is crucial and a good cleaning provider can prevent a lot of health and safety nightmares. Aspects such as, the correct training, the correct usage of chemicals and equipment and the amount of trust you have for a cleaning provider.

How We Work At Carlton Cleaning Contractors Ltd

Carlton Cleaning Contractors Ltd offers a high-quality cleaning service with commitment features that will ensure the maintenance of a great standard.

We offer an iron clad guarantee that ensures the smooth, professional process of your cleaning service.

“Worry Free cleaning everyday or your money back… Guaranteed”

We have been well established in Plymouth for over 30 years and have a vast amount of experience and techniques which help to create a welcoming, professional workplace.

We work on a three-tiered basis which specify areas as high, normal and low priority. This will allow us to create a schedule that will not only raise standards but maintain them.

Carlton Cleaning will carry out regular audit reviews to ensure your cleaning is at the standard we expect from our operatives – and this is at no extra cost!

We have a range of other services we can offer to you such as window cleaning, carpet cleaning, deep cleaning, high level cleaning and more!

Our cleaners are inspired to provide a service that they can also be proud of. We train them to treat every establishment like their own home and focus on the attention to detail.

Health and safety is our priority. We ensure that all health and safety policies are met, and staff are trained in this. This will keep your mind at ease as H&S issues can take up a lot of time.

We also have adequate public and employer’s liability insurances to cover your business in the event of anything being lost, stolen or damaged.

If you have any issues with the cleaning service we provide, we are on head to remedy this immediately.

Find out more about Carlton Cleaning Contractors Ltd here.

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