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Grow South Devon Volume 3 – July Edition 2019 – Titled ‘Overcome the Fear’

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We live in a post-truth era. 

Up is down, left is right and the Emperor’s clothes are looking better than ever, just as long as enough people say so. 

In my opinion (not that you asked for it), the maxim that there is no absolute truth is one of the most damaging worldviews that exists in our society today. With numerous and sizeable advances in modern science, economics, technology, politics and religion, our foundations as a society should be more robust than ever. But they’re not. 

Instead, the very fabric of our civilisation is fraying like a moth-eaten woolly jumper that should’ve been sent to the big charity shop in the sky a long time ago. 

In this month’s edition of Grow, we explore the theme of ‘Factfulness’, a concept outlined in the book of the same name by Hans Rosling, which Barack Obama calls, ‘A hopeful book about the potential for human progress when we work based on facts rather than our inherent biases’.

Amidst the ‘fake news’ and ‘click bait’ of the media world, we continue our mission to bring you relentlessly positive, true-to-life stories of amazing people in our amazing part of the world doing amazing things.

Maybe society’s fabric can be repaired after all. Now, where is that favourite woolly jumper of mine…?


Group Editor-in-Chief, Grow

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