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Grow Exeter volume 14 – November  Download Edition 2018 – Titled ‘In Perfect Harmony’

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November Editor’s Letter: In Perfect Harmony

Close your eyes and think of a Cruise ship packed with passengers. Each person is seemingly insignificant in their individual weight, yet their total weight will either allow the boat to stay afloat or cause it to sink. A bit like the human race when you think about it…

With over seven billion other humans inhabiting our planet, we are metaphorically like those passengers on the Cruise ship. Each individual makes a relatively minute impact on the Earth and its resources. Each individual has a somewhat insignificant influence on the overall population of the world. However, when people gather together, form alliances, forge partnerships, join forces or enter into collaborations, their combined power grows and their chances of making a lasting impact are multiplied; for good or for bad.

Personally, I am intrigued by Chaos Theory, a branch of mathematics pioneered by American, Edward Lorenz which states that, even within seemingly random or chaotic systems, there are underlying patterns and repetitions. Within his studies, Lorenz coined the phrase ‘the Butterfly Effect’; the theory that, through a series of complex and connected events, the beating of a butterfly’s wings could, eventually, result in a tornado.

So, as we look at the theme of ‘Partnership & Collaboration’ this month, I hope that you find within these pages some people and organisations who prove that we are truly better together. Maybe let’s also be mindful that our smallest actions can end up making a lasting and substantial difference on the people and world around us; just like the beating of a butterfly’s wings.

Here’s to a successful November.

Group Editor-in-Chief

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