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Grow Exeter Volume 20 – May Edition 2019 – Titled ‘A Millennial Memoir’

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May Editor’s Letter: A Millennial Memoir

I sit here and write this note to you in the aftermath of the catastrophic fire which has levelled part of Notre Dame Cathedral.

One of the consistent messages that has come through clearly in the media coverage of the tragic incident is that across races, generations, religions and classes, people find the building thoroughly awe-inspiring and breath-taking. Sometimes such grandeur and scale makes us feel aware of our smallness in the ‘bigness’ of things.

As I have absorbed the news reports and spoken to friends and colleagues about recent events, I have been reminded of our own recent tragic fire at The Royal Clarence Hotel on Cathedral Green.

As I have pondered both of these events, the residual thought for me has been how the truly special and long-lasting things in the world take planning, care, hard work and dedication. Take Notre Dame for example. The stunning and unique example of gothic architecture took almost 200 years to build and has survived over 850 years, including multiple wars and revolutions.

It has come close to ruin several times but, with the commitment and support of French leaders, governments and the public, been restored and improved time and time again.

As I ponder this month’s theme of development, I wonder if we as people are the same as cathedrals. Maybe we too have suffered damage, catastrophe and decay over the years. And maybe we too require the investment, support and belief of others to be repaired and restored.

Furthermore, perhaps we too should adopt the long-game when it comes to personal development. Not just settling for whatever fad or trend is commonly supported around us but taking considered and consistent steps towards a secure and robust future. One that can withstand the flames of adversity and not be consumed by them.

Just like Notre Dame.

Group Editor-in-Chief

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