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Grow Exeter volume 9 – June Edition 2018 – Titled ‘Culture Unpacked’

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June Editor’s Letter


Water is the essential, pure, refreshing life-source of our world. But, a drop of raw sewage in an otherwise pure container of water spoils the whole thing. Unless you had a complete disregard for your personal health, you would avoid drinking it at any cost.

And so, it can be with the culture of a business. The smallest amount of toxicity can start to take root and spring up elsewhere; manifesting itself in unexpected places. And, as with many things in business, once something has a self-propelling momentum, it can be very difficult to stop or steer it. A toxic culture is like a runaway train.

So why would you not avoid it with the same passion as you would a glass of contaminated water?

In this edition, as we consider the theme of ‘Culture and Vision’, we’ve gathered a variety of voices to talk about their experiences of creating a positive cultural core within their business and, importantly, how this has educated their vision for the future.

To name but a few, we speak with Nick Earle, the new Store Manager of IKEA Exeter, about building both a new superstore and a new super-team; Emma Twamley, the founder of Glas-Denbury Music & Arts Festival, who talks openly about creating a ‘can-do culture’ within a passionate team of volunteers and also Ed Bird, founder of the award-winning Bird Sunglasses, who discusses running a purposeful business that places people over profit.

That is only scratching the surface though as we have masses of engaging and informative content for you to enjoy. In particular, keep an eye out for the collaborative piece that we have undertaken with leading voices on the theme of Diversity & Inclusion in the workplace and also, in a rare turn, our very own CEO Daniel Frye talks about the process of setting our culture and vision at Grow Exeter, almost a year into our journey in business.

So, take a few moments out of your busy schedule, sit back, relax and be inspired. And, while you’re at it, try to avoid toxicity within your company wherever possible.

Have a great June!



Group Editor-in-Chief


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