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Grow Exeter Volume 17 – February Edition 2019 – Titled ‘Mobilising Hope’

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February Editor’s Letter: Mobilising Hope

What an amazing and strange world we live in.

As the era of hyper-connectivity has well and truly dawned, we have grown accustomed to making quicker and more productive connections with people. Most of us know people all over the world and have got used to working around previously insurmountable obstacles like time zones, thousands of miles of oceans dividing our land masses and our historically primitive tools of communicating with each other.

I know for one that I have friends and/or family in every continent of the world (barring Antartica), and haven’t once stopped to appreciate how amazing that is.

Never have we been so connected.

Equally, in many ways, never have we been so disconnected.

At the same time as exploring the wonders of functioning global relationships, interestingly, there has been a noticeable change of public behaviour in recent years, moving back towards a hyper-local model of community.

People hunger for real connection. Real acceptance. Real experiences. As a race, we have realised, not for the first time, that there are some things that can only be achieved or enjoyed in the physical presence of others. In a world bursting at the seams with handheld electronic devices, there are some things that a screen just cannot deliver. And that might explain the increase of screen-free cafes, quiet carriages on trains and the explosion of mindfulness, prayer and meditation amongst the screen-tired populace of the western world.

So, in February, the month of romance, with the pregnant expectation of Spring still to come, as well as keeping one eye on global affairs, why not take time to think of those directly around you who you might benefit from enjoying personal connection with. Just one cup of coffee or a walk out in nature with someone can do the both of you (and your relationship) the world of good.

Oh, and I should probably practice what I preach so, if you see me on my travels, be sure to stop me and say ‘hi!’. Who knows what fruit may come of such small seeds?

See you around,


Group Editor-in-Chief

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