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Grow Exeter Volume 15 – December Edition 2018 – Titled ‘The Human Touch’

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December Editor’s Letter: The Human Touch

I am fascinated with space. And robots. Even more fascinating is the developing relationship between human and machine.

The concept that human beings – composed of flesh, bone and a cocktail of gases – have developed to the point where they can forge silicon and metal into complex, intelligent machines, circumnavigating millions of miles or performing highly intricate tasks, just blows my mind.

So this month, as we consider the theme of ‘Technology & Digital’, I find myself sitting at my desk, looking out of the window into a dark Autumn sky and daydreaming about what is actually out there, and what technology we could harness to find out. That and trying to work out what tech Father Christmas must be using to get his astronomically difficult job done over the coming festive season.

Clearly there are far more tangible every-day advances in technology than space ships and robots (think the most recent iteration of the Dyson or that latest Apple product you’ve been ogling), yet there is something about dreaming big and thinking beyond the possible that sits so centrally at the heart of the tech industry.

So, as you read this month’s Grow, join me in dreaming big, embracing change and staying open-minded. That said, let’s never forget that ‘the human touch’ is irreplaceable and impossible to produce artificially. Sometimes, we simply need meaningful human interaction rather than the latest app or digital fad. As with everything in life, balance seems to be the key in the fast-changing landscape of human interaction with technology.

I hope you enjoy this month’s edition as much as we all enjoyed putting it together. From me and the Grow Team, we’d love to take the chance to wish you a very Merry Christmas and an amazing start to 2019.

As for me, back I go to daydreaming about robots…


Group Editor-in-Chief

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