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Grow Exeter Volume 23 – August Edition 2019 – Titled ‘Taking Pole Position’

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August Editor’s Letter: Taking Pole Position

Forging a career for oneself has become quite the professional obstacle course nowadays. Over the wobbly high ropes of experience vs qualification. Swinging hopefully across the monkey-bars of culture vs pay. And who could overlook the dreams vs reality zipline?

Particularly in Exeter where the rate of unemployment is one of the lowest in the country, both employers and employees have the unique and unusual factor of choice when it comes to finding the right job or the right people. With an impressively high level of talent and some incredible job roles to boot, it really is an amazing place to start or progress in your career.

That said, improving one’s station, broadening one’s horizons and tracking down the elusive holy grail of a job that one enjoys is, apart from the odd fluke here and there, not a matter of chance. There are certain common characteristics shared by the impressive, the happy and the successful professionals within our community. In particular, it seems that passion, character and attitude are way more valuable than skill sets and qualifications. Both can be taught, but the former are far harder than the latter.

When I look back over my career so far, I find myself thankful for those who have believed and invested in me. It is also really easy to beat myself up about the failures, the misgivings and the mistakes. Believe me, there have been more than I wish to admit. However, each of those have been a learning experience and an opportunity to improve as a professional. 

One thing is for sure. I’d prefer to try, fail and learn rather than never try at all. In the enduring words of Theodore Roosevelt, “It is hard to fail, but it is worse never to have tried to succeed.”

Group Editor-in-Chief

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