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Are WE able to help in defeating terrorism?

Are WE able to help in defeating terrorism?

The answer is yes!

Police budgets are declining, terrorist attacks proliferating and terrorism casualties increasing; so how can you help?

Sadly we live in a world with increasing threats to our societies and unfortunately they don’t seem to be diminishing. So how should we as the public start to help ourselves? Being alert and aware saves so many lives when it comes to household fires so perhaps it’s time we applied a similar philosophy to combating terrorism.

We feel the opportunity to support the agencies that are responsible for protecting us has never been greater. How can we help those overstretched and diminishing public organisations in defeating some of those terrorist threats to the very way we live?

We recognise absolutely that you have to be very unlucky to get caught up in a terrorist incident and it is vital that we continue to live our lives normally but if we have done some preparatory work or thinking it could literally mean the difference between life and death.

Be suspicious

If something is suspicious we should report it to the local authorities. Whether it be suspicious behaviour, a suspicious package or just something out of the ordinary it may be the missing part in an investigation or it may lead to the disruption of a terrorist attack. Remember don’t dismiss your suspicions prematurely.

Be aware

Understand that the modern terrorist is all about creating mayhem and destruction in the true philosophy of terrorism. Keep yourself safe and become more alert when you are in places that you perceive as ripe for an attack such as public events or symbolic targets. Remember if it’s newsworthy its attack worthy.

Plan your exit

If ever you are unfortunate enough to be involved in such an incident your chances of survival increase if you have thought about how you would escape such an incident. Know where the exits are and plan your routes to them just like you do on an aeroplane. Remember speed saves lives.

Keep your cool

Panic causes the brain to close down to “fight or flight” if you are involved innocently in any terrorist incident think clearly, help others and avoid panicking you will only contribute to the overall confusion.  Remember cool thinking prevents chaos.

Report it

If we all become the eyes and ears of our security organisations and report anything suspicious we can help to defeat terrorism. Remember – If it is odd ask and tell.

Sampson Hall have a range of security experts and we help organisations and individuals with advice and training in security matters.

Please phone us on 0844 848 9594 for help or advice.

By Phil Sampson, Sampson Hall

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