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Road Test – Ford Fiesta ST-Line 1.0T

Road Test – Ford Fiesta ST-Line 1.0T

By Joff Alexander-Frye

Photos by Nick Hook

In recent years there has been a move in our society towards handmade, local, bespoke produce. Just poke your head around the doors of any number of local shops or show your face at a local market or two and you’ll be sure to find all manner of locally-produced goodies. That said, we live in a world where some of the products that we own or use have to be made by a global organisation. It’s one thing buying your bread from a local baker, for example, but how many local car manufacturers can you think of? Go on, I’ll wait…

And so, as Britain tries to positively position itself in the eye of the Brexit-storm, one of the industries in keen focus is the automotive industry. How can global car manufacturers continue to sell their cars on our shores and navigate this storm unscathed, or at least with minimal damage to their pride and profits? One company doing just that is Ford, who continue to produce cars that are top of their respective classes. Enter the Ford Fiesta ST-Line 1.0T.

Thanks to Vospers Ford Torquay, I was recently given a brand-new Fiesta ST-Line for an afternoon and, along with photographer Nick Hook, took it out onto the beautiful roads of South Devon for a spin. Apart from the fleeting glances at the stunning 2.3 litre Mustang on the forecourt as we drove off, we were not to be disappointed.

The ST-Line moniker refers to the multiple features and trim details that make this feel like a full-fat ST. Of course, it isn’t quite as comprehensive and impressive as the ST but it really gets very close. With a 6-speed manual gearbox, a 140bhp engine capable of a high speed of 125mph and sporty-tweaks to both the drive and interior of the vehicle, it would’ve performed well in the car version of a ‘blind taste test’ if it had sat side by side with a full-blown ST.

Indeed, capable of accelerating from 0-60mph in nine seconds flat, the 1.0 litre engine unit achieves peak torque at 1500rpm but won’t max-out until 6600rpm meaning you have all sorts of acceleration headroom to play with. And the growl of the engine… well, it may have got me just a little excited. Add to that the fantastic steering response, firm suspension and surprisingly versatile body control and the ST-Line presents itself to the discerning and demanding automotive market as a punchy and well-thought-through supermini.

Don’t be fooled by the ST-Line’s sporty façade though. Yes, it can hang with the best of them off the mark and could do a decent job of keeping up with just about any road car within the legal limits and confines of modern British driving, but it also produces a surprisingly economical drive too. With a 532-mile range to each tank of fuel, the Fiesta books at 58mpg (I found it to be closer to 45mpg) and produces a passable 112 g/km of CO2.

Add to that the starting price-tag of £13,740, the all-new dashboard architecture, the 8-inch touch screen which offers all the navigation and audio bells and whistles that one might need and the surprisingly roomy interior and the ST-Line presents itself as a thoroughly compelling option in a saturated market.

Ford Fiesta ST-Line 1.0T steering wheel and dashboard

If I was forced to find fault with the new ST-Line, I would struggle in terms of what it does have. My issue would probably be in what it doesn’t offer as standard. For example, when purchasing the new ST-Line, customers will have to pay extra for 18-inch wheels and the Bang & Olufsen audio system with CD player. Furthermore, the lack of reversing sensors mean that the Rear-View Camera, another optional add-on, is really a must.

Don’t get me wrong though; my four-hour jaunt around South Devon really whet my whistle for the Ford Fiesta ST-Line and I was genuinely left wanting more. No car is perfect but this one ranks pretty damn high when you compare it to other cars in the Supermini market. No wonder it is Britain’s top-selling car.

And, on that note, you may be familiar with the hipster school of thought which professes that it isn’t cool to own or use products which have mass appeal. Phrases like ‘sell out’, ‘vanilla’ and ‘beige’ come to mind. That said, I sometimes find myself thinking that, surely, millions of people can’t be wrong. In the case of the new Ford Fiesta ST-Line I find myself wondering what do hipsters know anyway? They can keep their man-buns and smashed-avocado homogeny. The ST-Line stands up just fine against such criticism.

Why not head down to your local Ford dealership and give the All-New Fiesta ST-Line a try for yourself.

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