Young Musician Launches Digital Jam Opportunity During the LockDown

Young Musician Launches Digital Jam Opportunity During the LockDown

For many young musicians, the current lockdown situation, due to COVID-19, means that they are cut off from the opportunity to play with others. To combat the isolation that being deprived of the chance to perform together can cause, 11-year-old Henry Chauhan has come up with an exciting solution. The Grade 8 drummer and Youtube star is hoping to put together a digital collaboration with other young musicians. 

Henry said:

“I think it would be really cool to put together a collaboration with other young musicians “digitally” during this time for some lockdown music sessions. I’m now sending out the call for any other young musicians who would like to part of this to get in touch.” 

Musician Henry Chauhan
11 year old musician Henry Chauhan

A social media sensation as well as a talented musician, Henry launched his online channels at the end of last year, amassing more than 40,000 subscribers on YouTube and in excess of 80,000 subscribers on FaceBook. He is a chronic asthma sufferer which is why, during the current COVID-19 pandemic, he is isolating at home with his parents. Since isolating, he’s been uploading even more drumming videos, using his drumming as a way of coping with the loneliness that isolation can bring. 

With schools now not starting back until September, there’s the potential for young musicians to be without others to play with for several months. Collaborating with Henry is a chance to make music without needing to leave home. There are no restrictions on technical ability and young players of any type of instrument are welcome to contact Henry with a view to creating some stunning musical collaborations. 

Young musicians who would like to join with Henry in order to create some music should get in touch via the contact information on Henry’s online channels. 

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