Top 10 Ways to Achieve Your Goals

Top 10 Ways to Achieve Your Goals

We’ve all got goals.  They may be huge life-changing goals or just mini-milestones.  But we create them to help us reach our ambitions and fulfil our potential.  Or to lose a few pounds (or stone!).  Or give up smoking, or drinking or other vices.

How are you getting on with achieving those?  Struggling?  Oh dear, don’t get disheartened.

I’m here to help.  I thought it would be a good idea to share some tried and tested techniques for keeping motivation levels up!!

  1. Set yourself rewards – each milestone you reach deserves a little prize.  You could make a monthly reward schedule, even build an advent-calendar-esque type chart.
  2. Create a mood board – visualise the achievement in pictures as well as words.
  3. Go public – organise a little get-together with your chums where you all share your goals and dreams for the year ahead (no wine of course – you’re trying to give that up…or is that just me?)
  4. Create an Urgent and Important matrix and plot where each item fits – this will sort your priorities and kick your butt a little
  5. Write to yourself – pop your goals onto paper and into an envelope.  Make sure you clearly outline what you wanted to have achieved and how you’ll feel when you’re successful.  Then put the date on the envelope that you’d like to receive the letter and ask a trusted friend to post it to you.
  6. Book a day in a spa (I do this a lot anyway) – Instead of reading a book by the pool, review your success and any outstanding goals.  Be honest with yourself though, if you’ve done a rubbish job, then give yourself your best disappointed face and do something about it.
  7. Talk to yourself on the treadmill.  Grab your mobile and hands free set and start walking (not too fast!) and start leaving yourself a voice note.  Tell yourself details about the goals – why they’re important etc.  Trust me, when you listen back to it, it’ll really jolt you into action and being on the treadmill keeps the energy high.
  8. Set alerts in your online calendar – make it random so you can’t start taking them for granted and then ignore them.
  9. Do the classic ‘wheel of life’ exercise with yourself.  It helps you focus on what’s really important.  Or call me and I can help you with it.
  10. If the above aren’t successful for you and your goals haven’t become achievements in the next few months, then you need a coach.  Call me.  I will get you there.  My mobile is 07980 910316 or email me at  I’d love to help you out.



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By Rachael Howourth

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