Gain Fulfilment in Retirement Through Volunteering

Gain Fulfilment in Retirement Through Volunteering

One of the five secrets to a successful retirement is having a purpose, a reason to get up in the morning. For many, volunteering provides that purpose and a sense of fulfilment.

After decades spent working it’s common for people to want to give back and volunteering offers a way that benefits all. Whether it is using your skills and expertise acquired through your career or doing something entirely different the list of volunteering opportunities is long and varied.

A retired judge I know visits schools to talk about the pitfalls of knife crime, some sit on the board of local schools and others work on nature projects.

Or it might be providing companionship for the lonely. Whatever your motivation there will be someone who can benefit. I have previously
compiled a list of 101 things to do in retirement to avoid boredom and volunteering ideas feature amongst them (see:

With increasing life expectancy comes a longer retirement, potentially as long as working life. That’s an long time to simply exist without any purpose. The risk of entering retirement without a purpose is that one soon finds they are bored and listless which can soon spiral into mental and
physical health problems as well as marital strains.

I heard of a retired GP, who went from having an interesting in wine and golf to having no interest in golf and an unhealthy interest in wine. Simply because he was ill-prepared for the difficult transition from work to retirement.

After a career of hard work and dedication, who would you rather be, the active volunteer or the person who sits around waiting for the days to pass?

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