The Evolution of the Care Package

The Evolution of the Care Package

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A knock at the door.

It’s the Postie. A package for me. I haven’t ordered anything. I open it. Now I’m crying! Overwhelmed. Speechless. Feeling so grateful. Smiling. 

Behold the magic power of the Care Package.  

Care Packages have come into their own in the last couple of years. When we weren’t able to hug in person, carefully considered packages of virtual cuddles arrived unexpectedly on doorsteps across the UK and beyond. Sharing joy across the globe.  

Those bars of chocolate and photos of sweethearts delivered to the front line through the most difficult of times. Across the decades. That’s a Care Package. The square sausage sent to this Scottish exile (if you know you know!) or the Tayto crisps sent to my Irish husband by his mum! Those too. A simple handwritten letter. They have been sent with thought and care to loved ones for aeons.  

In 1993, aged 17, I was an au-pair in Germany. There was no email. No mobile phones. Just pen and paper. The Postie became “meine beste Freunde”! My oldest and dearest school chum hit the mark with her Care Package: My favourite lip salve; Cadbury’s Biscuit Boost; More! Magazine; handwritten tales of the shenanigans of my mates in the local pub! All of a sudden, she didn’t feel so far away.  

Then today, that same friend, now living with her young family in Norway, hit the mark yet again. That knock on the door. Those grateful, happy tears. Now it’s reusable make-up remover pads, gorgeous linen napkins and a heap of the most stylish pens and pencils to write these relentlessly positive columns with. “Wield and smile!” she encourages in her familiar script.  

Even more than the gifts that the package contains, it’s the sentiment. I realise she knows me as well as she did 30 years ago, even though we are hundreds of miles apart and I do that smile/ cry thing again!  

Care packages come in all shapes and sizes. They can cost diddly squat. They can be generous gifts. When you’re bumbling along in your “woe is me” everyday world, the fact that someone thought you worthy enough of their time and consideration is truly humbling (cue the happy/teary thing again!!). 

So, Relentlessly Positive Readers. Consider your Care Package. Who will it wing its way to this summer? What tiny things will make someone’s day? What gives them joy? Where will the happy tears appear next? 

Simple things making a big impact. 

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