Devon PR Expert Becomes Bestselling Author on the Day Her Book is Launched

Devon PR Expert Becomes Bestselling Author on the Day Her Book is Launched

PR expert, Lucy Matthews who lives in Devon’s delightful Totnes, has recently published her first book on Amazon and it made the number one best seller spot in under four hours.

A Marvellous Reputation, 10 Lessons from My Life As a PR insider for Entrepreneurs Who Want to be Talked About, raced from nowhere to number two in all business books on Amazon – of which there are over 300,000 at any one time – and remained top of the notoriously competitive bestseller lists for PR, Sales and marketing and Advertising for over two weeks.

Lucy Matthews has been a PR expert for over 34 years, working for every type of business, in all sectors, around the world. For the last 10 years she has run her own PR agency, Marvellous PR, concentrating on doing the PR for property based clients, and helping entrepreneurs and small business owners understand PR and why they should be doing PR it.

At her two book launches in Totnes and Sawbridgeworth, Hertfordshire at the Entrepreneurs Network Business event, Lucy was asked why she wrote the book:

“Everyone needs to promote themselves to get work, clients and customers and PR is the best way to do it. A Marvellous Reputation is my answer to all the PR cynics and non-believers, taking the reader on my journey to realising the true power and value that good third-party endorsement can bring to our lives, and giving 10 Public Relations lessons/tactics anyone can use now to make their business and life, super successful.”

Lucy Matthews & Charlie Mullins OBE, founder of Pimlico Plumbers who wrote the foreword 

Lucy continued:

“I want it to be an easy to read learning tool for those who don’t fully understand or appreciate the power of PR for their business and personal lives. And for those who work specifically in PR as a career, I want it to reinforce what they already know are some of the key tricks of the trade and remind them why our work is so important and also fun and exciting. And for anyone passionate about professional and personal self-development I want it to be a reminder about the importance of all the relationships we have in our lives.”

With 50 great reviews currently, readers have commented:

  • “This book is amazing and totally explained what PR is and why we all need it.”
  • “Lucy’s book gives clear and concise ways for the Entrepreneur to get to grip with the ‘mystery’s’ of PR. A must read!”
  • “Great ideas that are easy to apply. A must in everyone’s business library.”

A Marvellous Reputation is available in paperback and kindle versions on Amazon at and you can find out more about Lucy and how you can work with her at

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