Why Being ONE is So Great

 Why Being ONE is So Great

Think when you were one, life was great no real fears, a desire to learn and exploit those opportunities that life threw at you. No real fear of failure because if you weren’t failing you weren’t trying.

No real worries about what other people thought and a zest for life and fun. So what has changed to make you what you are today?



Fear of failure

This is the biggest restrictor of our potential that exists. Why? Because it has no end unless we choose to challenge it. Neither success nor failure are permanent states yet we can allow the fear of failure to be one. Failure should be considered as a pre-requisite to learning just as it was when you learned to walk!


Desire to learn

When we knew nothing, life was full of adventures as we discovered things and yet as we get older we begin to see learning as a chore rather than an adventure. Remember learning is fun particularly if it is self- motivated learning.


Peer pressure

As children we laughed at ourselves our failures and our endeavours, we were not swayed by others’ opinions not restricted by their taunts not challenged in our quest for popularity. We lived life free from “likes” “fake news” and false social media oriented successes.



As one year olds our self-confidence was indefatigable bar a few tears when something hurt, we went places we had never been before, we did things we had never done before, we tried tastes we had never tried before we lived our lives entirely to our own satisfaction.



Being ONE was great, keep casting off the shackles of modern society and use your innate instincts to help you make the most of your natural potential.


Sampson Hall

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