Signs from Sign Companies?

Signs from Sign Companies?

When you need a sign, should you buy it from a Sign Company?

Possibly a strange question (especially coming from the MD of a Sign Company!), but in the modern business world there is a continuous blurring of the lines between previously distinct business types and trades.

In the almost 25 years we’ve been in business there has been phenomenal change in the technology and capability that is available for the production of signs of one form or another. We have moved on very rapidly from the days of hand-painting through ‘cut-vinyl’ letters & logos to full-colour digital prints, LED illumination and now even large-scale 3D printing of multi-coloured outdoor durable items.

As a business we’ve had to be aware of and embrace these technologies and opportunities and, in the main they are very rewarding and effective in reducing cost & lead-times whilst improving quality of end results.

There tends to be some ‘constants’ that comes up in what customers expect from us as a ‘Sign Company’ and they are practicality and durability combined with a great appearance that remains for the lifetime of the sign.

Whilst providing many, many prints & display items for customers key distinguishers for many signs is that they have very much a ‘3D’ element, needing to be designed and engineered to endure the extremes of weather and keep doing the job they were originally commissioned for over the long-term, continuing to project the relevant brand values.

Providing such items tends to be where established sign companies have the depth of knowledge, experience and skills to specify, deliver & install.

So to answer my original question – yes, when you need a ‘real sign’, have a look at what your local sign company can offer you and tap into their experience & established skillset!

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