Profit-Boosting Help for Local Hospitality Businesses and Food & Drink Producers

Profit-Boosting Help for Local Hospitality Businesses and Food & Drink Producers

Hospitality businesses, food and drink producers, based within the South-West, can now benefit from the services offered by BrandLanterns. This small team is dedicated to increasing footfall and profit margins, through strategy and sales support, marketing and commercial interior design.

Explaining the name of the business, owner Sara-Jane Williams said:

“Understanding branding is essential to every successful business, and yet it is often seen as a complicated or meaningless marketing concept for small business owners.”

“BrandLanterns is about stripping that back, using every-day language and tackling the true problems at hand, such as low footfall, poor reviews or weak stand-out amongst the crowd. Lanterns? Well, it’s a bit cliché maybe but I wanted to be that reassuring, directional light when lost in the dark.”

On their website,, Sara reveals that her passion for food marketing began with a university dissertation and was naturally fitting to her role as Head of Marketing at a national foodservice wholesaler. Throughout her career at Philip Dennis Foodservice, Sara honed her understanding for the issues facing cafes, pubs, restaurants and other catering businesses, as well as the challenges facing their food suppliers and fellow wholesalers.

Earlier this year, Sara left her senior management role there and, following the summer holidays, began BrandLanterns.


 Sara-Jane Williams from Brandlanterns

Sara-Jane Williams from Brandlanterns


In a meeting with Grow, she explained the motivation:

“It felt great being appreciated for my creativity and understanding of the hospitality industry, but the role meant it was difficult to get very hands-on with our customers.

“Working in my personal time to help launch and greatly improve some local hospitality businesses felt highly rewarding as then it’s all so personal…I know I have someone’s dreams and investment at stake, not a slice of corporate budget, and that really gets my adrenaline pumping!”

During her marketing career over the past twenty years, Sara also studied Interior & Commercial Space Design to support a family business, which had her overseeing projects with teams of planners, designers, carpenters and electricians. This is a service that has been incorporated into BrandLanterns, so that clients can benefit from seamlessly continuing their signature look and marketing initiatives across their premises, as well as on external signage, printed materials, vehicle livery, online and through social media.



BrandLanterns is a business confidently offering a range of essential services, but within a very niche market, and all the while with customer problem-solving (or even problem-spotting!) at the heart…., fuelled by one woman’s life-long passion and fresh ambition. To find out more about BrandLanterns, visit or call 01271 372620.




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