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As many of you will know, Grow recently became the exclusive marketing and events partner for Devon & Somerset Law Society (DASLS). This partnership includes running their 2019 Legal Awards, on April 4th next year at the iconic Exeter Cathedral.

Over the next couple of weeks, ahead of the nomination deadline on November 16th, we will be publishing quotes and testimonials from previous entrants and winners, explaining how entering and/or winning a DASLS Legal Award has benefited their business and their staff.

Before doing this, I wanted to briefly explore why entering awards has so much potential to benefit your business. Entering awards is one of the single most powerful ways of getting fast, impactful results for your business. In one process, you end up achieving multiple things; raising brand-awareness, telling your unique story, improving your network of contacts, meaningful team-building, better understanding of your own business and, possibly, becoming an award-winning company. And all you have to do is spend a little time and energy to make that all happen! Why wouldn’t you enter your business into a relevant awards program?. I’ve expanded on a few of these reasons below.

Also, please read on further to find out more about the DASLS Legal Awards 2019.


Some companies work hard for years to align their brand with certain target-groups of people based on socio-economics, demographic, interests, hobbies, age, gender and many more factors. Sponsoring or entering your business for a relevant awards programme can hugely accelerate this process, boosting brand awareness through pre and post-event marketing activity whilst aligning your brand with your target clients and giving the both of you shared experiences and commonality to refer back to in future conversation.


That leads me on to the next potential benefit of entering awards programmes. The networking opportunities on offer are superb as the select few that are ‘in the room’ for an awards ceremony are completely invested in that particular programme and will have their ‘business radars’ on all night. In a business world littered with breakfast meetings and after-dinner drinks, meaningful networking moments are a highly valued commodity for both businesses and potential clients. Time spent with other business people in non-typical working environments, such as awards ceremonies, fosters connection, shared experience, fun and personal conversation. This can all aide your efforts to improve the size and quality of your business network.


To put it bluntly, why would a potential client work with your competitor if you had established yourself as the market leader in your industry, winning multiple awards to prove your credentials? People like to work with winners. If you can win for your own business, the assumption is that you can win for your clients too.


Stephen Mahoney, President of DASLS explains,

“The purpose of the DASLS Legal Awards is to increase public awareness of the Legal Profession throughout Devon and Somerset; to recognise and celebrate the achievements of winning firms and individuals and those shortlisted in each of the categories and also to give Solicitors and their staff an increased sense of pride in what they do.  I have no doubt that the Awards have historically delivered on all these aims and it has been good to see winning firms themselves publicising their successes in their literature, on their websites and through the press.”

Stephen continues,

“I urge you to get on board early and ride this wave of energy, enthusiasm and belief in how important our Legal Awards can be.  April may seem a long way off but the deadline for submission of nominations will be before the end of November.  Experience shows Lawyers’ lives are driven by deadline and, in previous years, the submission of Awards nominations has followed that deadline culture, with “last minute” entries.  I invite you to surprise me, buck the trend and beat the crowd this time round.”

This year’s nomination deadline is November 16th and categories for entry include;

  • Corporate Social Responsibility (Sponsored by Devon Community Foundation)
  • Law Firm of the Year 1-10 Partners
  • Law Firm of the Year 11+ Partners
  • Employer of the Year (Sponsored by Barclays)
  • Team of the Year (Sponsored by Magdalen Chambers)
  • Client Experience
  • Solicitor of the Year (Sponsored by PKF Francis Clark)
  • Leader of the Year (Sponsored by Sampson Hall)
  • Rising Star (Sponsored by Conveyancing Data)
  • Chartered Legal Executive of the Year
  • Support Team Member of the Year
  • Legal ‘Hero’ of the Year (Sponsored by Burcher Jennings)
  • Lifetime Achievement

So, with all of the above in mind and the deadline for entry looming, visit to get your nominations in now and see for yourself the impact it will have for you and your business.

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