Richard Walford from Gilbert Stephens Solicitors explains why ensuring you have an up to date Will is important for you and your family…

Why Have a Will?

It may be understandable why, for some people, making a Will does not seem a priority. However, without a Will your estate will be distributed in accordance with a statutory scheme, known as the intestacy rules, which will divide your estate between your spouse and your blood relatives in ways you may not like.

A Will is one of the most important ways in which you can protect your family, and reduce the stress placed on your family members by your passing. A Will is especially important if you have a partner, children or other family who depend on you financially, or if you wish to leave something to anyone outside your immediate family. Not only will your Will protect your partner, children and assets, it will also spell out exactly how you want things handled after you have passed on and who will carry out those wishes.

It is vital to realise that unmarried partners will not receive anything at all unless it is given to them by a Will. Without a valid Will any wishes that you have expressed before your death cannot be taken into consideration. The intestacy rules provide solely for married partners and blood relatives and no provision is made for friends, charities or even a long-term unmarried partner.

A Will is the best way to protect your loved ones and is the only way ensure that your own wishes are carried out after you have gone.



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