Timewade: Building Relationships

Timewade: Building Relationships

“Nobody Raves about Average”

– Bill Quiseng, Blogger and Award-Winning Author



Striving to be anything but average, at Timewade, we take customer service as seriously as the air we breathe, in order to build new, and maintain existing, relationships with our clients.

Relationships, are the lifeblood of our business and the way that we interact with our customers, sets us apart. Everyone has an idea of what they think good customer service is, from the time it takes to be served a coffee in their favourite coffee shop, to the exceptional service that a high-end hotel like the Ritz-Carlton Group offers, where members of staff are authorised to spend $2000.00 daily to improve their guest’s experience.

These positive interactions, build relationships and keep customers coming back. We believe that one of the keys to building meaningful relationships at Timewade is by the great customer service that we provide.  We strive to integrate into our client’s business, so that we basically ‘become’ them, or at least an extension of them.

In doing this, we get to know our clients, developing a close working relationship. We like to think of our relationship with our clients as a partnership.  We are in it for the long haul, sharing a mutual respect, gaining a deeper understanding of their needs and really getting to know what they want to achieve as a business.  It’s the closest that we can be to becoming our client (meaning that we want what’s best for them) without actually becoming them.

We make ourselves accessible at every level of our business from the MD – Julian, to the helpdesk staff.  We work as a team to integrate ourselves into our customer’s world, and the results are positive.

So how does this happen in practical terms? Always on the quest to be proactive rather than reactive to a customer’s needs, our technical consultant will spend scheduled days on site, aligning systems to our best practice, to make sure that they are in top working order.

Fitting into the business like a regular member of staff, getting to know the business and its needs, even to the point of knowing how everyone takes their tea, is the attention to detail that we like to provide.  Scheduling strategy meetings to talk about future and current IT requirements are an essential part of the service that we offer.

This means our clients will understand if there are any risk areas, the impact this may have on their business and our recommendations.




We ensure that customers get the most out of their technology.  As their partners, we want them to see them succeed in every area. We are flexible in our approach, constantly listening to the feedback that we receive from our clients.

Knowing that some have an early start, some work from home and get cracking by 8 am, we changed our Helpdesk hours to start at 7h30am to ensure that we are available.  A lot of the daily issues can be managed remotely, with the
assistance of a friendly voice, so we make sure that we are available throughout our client’s day. Our client’s challenges become our challenges, their needs, become our needs, such is the close working relationship that we forge.

We hire our staff with our client’s – current and future – in mind, meaning that we make sure any new or existing staff member has the ability to communicate at all levels, build relationships and that they are comfortable working with people.  We know that we can train them on the technical stuff but the character and willingness to please need to already be there.

Our objectives, as a business, are formed in the technological success of our clients and we can’t do that ‘exceptionally’ unless we develop a great working relationship with them which is why relationships are important to us at Timewade at every level of the business.  Every ‘touchpoint’ is finely honed to ensure that wherever that contact may be received in the business, it works well and offers top class customer service by always going the extra mile.

Speaking of extra miles, did you know that our MD, Julian Wills is planning on taking part in a cycle ride from Exeter to Castres to help raise money for charity?  If he is willing to go that far to support a worthy cause, just think how far he will ‘cycle’ for our clients.



If you would like to know more about how we can become part of your IT Solution, please call us on 01392 367676 or jump online at www.timewade.com



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