VisionTrack And Lightfoot Announce Partnership

VisionTrack And Lightfoot Announce Partnership

A new partnership between two disruptors within the connected vehicle industry promises to deliver an unrivalled solution to fleet management and safety challenges. Lightfoot, the maker of the world’s first technology to reward better drivers, and VisionTrack, Europe’s leading provider of cloud-based video telematics, will be working in partnership to offer a unique suite of products that provide accountability, security, and lasting behavioural change through gamification and rewards. 

VisionTrack offers a wide range of connected camera solutions, underpinned by a multi award-winning IoT platform, with a focus on using its technology to instil behavioural change and reduce fleet risk, not just record incidents. Lightfoot offers a unique solution for improving driver behaviour that is built on in-vehicle, real-time driver feedback and incentives that gamify and reward efficient driving. These respective approaches have helped both companies to carve out their own niches within the highly competitive driver safety technology markets of the UK and mainland Europe.

As part of the partnership, Lightfoot and VisionTrack products will now be available to be fitted together in a single installation, helping clients to save money and time. As part of a deeper integration, VisionTrack footage is now integrated into Lightfoot’s web-based Fleet Manager Portal. Both companies’ focus on a driver-first approach, helping fleets to instantly improve safety and efficiency in real-time. That makes the partnership “a natural fit”, according to Lightfoot’s Partnership Director, Martin Kadhim.

Martin continued:

“VisionTrack products are proven to perform exceptionally well. Integrating our technology with theirs is a source of enormous pride for everyone at Lightfoot. It goes to prove that more and more providers in the fleet management industry are coming to appreciate the value of real-time feedback. Companies are tired of having to do all the legwork when they know there are technologies out there that will instantly and sustainably improve driving behaviour – removing the need for costly training and time-consuming data analysis. With VisionTrack, we are now able to offer an even greater service, one that is more rounded and more effective than ever.”

Simon Marsh, Managing Director of VisionTrack said:

“Our approach is very much about prevention because today’s near miss, could be tomorrow’s serious incident. By understanding where fleet risk exists it is possible to take appropriate steps to minimise the impact, so we are teaming up with likeminded partners to continually innovate and better meet our customers’ technology needs. VisionTrack and Lightfoot possess complementary solutions that together can help fleets operate in a safe, efficient and socially responsible way.” |

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