Triangle Networks – Full Fibre Lifeline For The City

Triangle Networks – Full Fibre Lifeline For The City

We live in a digital era, where storing data on the cloud, marketing on social media or even using an online network to make phone calls has become the norm. Gone are the days of transmitting information via telex and even sending a fax is considered ‘old school’.  Documents can be sent digitally across a network, signed by the recipient using touch screen technology and submitted back all without printing a piece of paper. Great news for the environment but it does mean that as a society, we are growing more dependent on the networks that we use. 

Most businesses depend on internet connectivity or online networks in some form or another.  But who hasn’t fallen victim to the spinning wait cursor; a pinwheel that some like to refer to as ‘The Spinning Beachball of Death’ (SBBOD) indicating that the application is busy?  

How often have we waited ages for an email to come through or for a webpage to open? Both time consuming and distracting from the actual task at hand – which leads to productivity taking a nosedive. 

Imagine the media industry, for example, where journalists need reliable networks to publish time sensitive breaking news.  The editor-in-chief would not be amused that the ‘breaking news’ had become ‘broken network’ instead.

Or a sales director about to make a presentation to the sales team.  The dynamic video that has taken hours to build and which needs to be cast to the giant TV screen across the network is frozen.  The image: A frickin beachball again! 

Exeter has been named as one of the fastest growing cities in the UK, and The University of Exeter as the UK’s 25th fastest growing organisation. Imagine the infrastructure that will need to be in place to keep Exeter ahead of the crowd when it comes to high speed and reliable connectivity? 

With the Met Office having moved its headquarters to Exeter and the Science Park  ‘on-track to grow from 200 to 700 client staff on site between 2017 and 2020’, it makes sense that Exeter’s digital infrastructures be top notch. After all, we are only as strong as our weakest link.

Rather than let connectivity become a game stopper Triangle Networks have the solution – a dedicated full fibre internet connection.   As the internet is quickly becoming the lifeline to businesses and cities, such as Exeter, a dedicated pure fibre connection, which increases speed and reliability, is vital.  

Imagine uploading a file, which would normally take 27 hours on a conventional network in only 27 minutes?  If time is money, and productivity is key, then that is a saving well worth taking note of. 

Triangle Networks has been involved in launching network infrastructure into towns, cities and villages.  Besides the speed and reliability of Gigabit Connectivity, the team takes time to develop long-term partnerships which result in cost-effective and customised communication systems.   The team walk alongside a business to get to know their needs and the challenges that they may face and take pride in delivering exactly what’s promised: reliable service and outstanding support.  

Bob Irwin, Sales Director of Triangle Network says,

We work with the local area champion in a business, to get things done. It’s about getting out there, getting to know people in the local area and understanding local knowledge.’ 

There are a couple of things that make Triangle Networks stand out from the crowd.  Bob says,

‘There is a standard Openreach network, a traditional copper network, where you generally can’t get the fastest speeds.  If you can get fast speeds it’s over shorter distances and can be affected by things like the weather.  A part-fibre, part copper network also exists which has some of the same characteristics and weaknesses as copper.  Triangle Networks provides fibre all the way up to the premises, into the building; no copper.’ 

Fibre Optic is considered to be reliable, is less likely to go down during a power outage and because it is made of glass, does not involve electricity.  It is also extremely fast, with speeds of 1000mbs(megabytes per second – data transfer speed measures how quickly data can be moved between different locations) and beyond, for both upload and download to the internet. To put into perspective how fast that is, Ofcom revealed in 2018 that the average download speed in the UK in urban areas is 46.2Mbps, and in rural areas averages at 18.3Mbps. 

Bob says,

Once it’s in, it works, you very rarely have to support it, which is obviously what businesses want, they don’t necessarily only want speed.  We can provide reliability and stability’

Businesses can increase efficiency which means more productivity, effectively, more pounds per man-hour.  

A recent achievement has been to go into Marsh Barton and what was once an area with very little internet connectivity, now has the ‘spine’ of a fibre optic network down, with a couple of circuits which are already live.  Bob says,

‘An area which was once barren of internet connectivity, is now one of the best.’ 

Triangle Networks wants to help cement the Greater Exeter area as a digital hub by getting the infrastructure laid at a reasonable cost.  In doing so they hope to help keep businesses in the city and the surrounding areas, which will be a positive move for the local economy. 

Bob and the team at Triangle Networks love being a part of the local community and believe in giving back.  Three staff members, Bob Irwin, Dan Butler and Jamie Butt, have decided to run 12 half marathons for Children’s Hospice South West this year to raise £3000.00 across the year. They have run five races with seven left to go before the end of the year. 

‘Hopefully we’ll be able to raise the money and raise some awareness as well.  If us doing something slightly crazy helps raise interest, then we’re happy’. 

As a keen musician, Bob and some of the team have also decided to do a couple of gigs for charity as well.  

To find out more about the different portfolios available or to see the results of a case study on how Triangle Networks can improve your connectivity, pop onto the website: or email Bob Irwin –

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