Leads To You – Expertly Providing Quality Leads

Leads To You – Expertly Providing Quality Leads

Written by Stella Nicholls

Award Winning business, Leads To You, uses technology and the latest digital marketing techniques to supply their clients with high quality leads across multiple sectors of the market.

With the advantage of a full-time, Full stack developer onboard to address all areas from server, networks and hosting environments to databases, security, and any development needs, the business has a head start when it comes to keeping ahead of the game.

The team also boasts 5 digital marketing professionals who use their expertise in providing quality leads to help customers grow their businesses.

The Office is equipped with LED lighting and a large screen TV in every room.  All the software that the business uses – from email to CRM systems, run from the cloud and the dedicated leased line means that the business always has enough bandwidth to operate in the online world – this includes a 25-person call centre running Voice Over IP Telephony.

To assist the staff and keep them abreast of the fast-paced environment, the office has a large dashboard which contains real-time information such as how many calls are currently waiting in the call centre system’s queue, how many leads have been qualified that day, as well as a map of the UK which contains the locations of leads generated.

The company efficiently manages email, document sharing, HR Systems, accounting, and processing management systems online – saving trees in its efficiency and keeping information on hand at the touch of a button.  In fact, the business model is all about automation – when a user completes a form on one of the many landing pages, it triggers a flurry of automated tasks across a wide range of systems.  This results in emails, text messages and phone calls occurring simultaneously within seconds of a submission.

Effective use of technology is fundamental to the success of Leads To You, so it stands to reason that the company would use cutting-edge digital marketing campaigns to generate high-quality sales leads to businesses in the home improvements, heating, renewables, business services and self-improvement sectors.

Added to this, as a certified Google Partner, the business uses its PPC (Pay-per-Click) and SEO (search engine optimisation) knowledge to drive online traffic to its network of customised landing pages.  This means that when a customer searches online for a product or service, such as a new boiler, one of 50 consumer-facing websites owned by Leads To You will be prominent in Google’s search results.

The in-house web developers have built a bespoke platform using Amazon’s Web Services (AWS) architecture which is used across its network of websites. Each site is customised for specific search terms and the different channels visitors are coming from, such as Facebook, Google or one of the thousands of websites displaying an advert.

When customers click through to these landing pages, they are asked to enter their details in order to be provided with three free quotes from approved installers. Visitors who do this are then contacted telephonically by a Leads To You customer advisor who will discuss their project and assess their readiness to purchase.

The bespoke technology at their fingertips ensures that Leads To You provides companies across the region and nationally with a way to cost-effectively contact people who have already expressed a desire for a product or a service and who have agreed to be contacted.

For more information contact:  Justin Elliott Justin@leadstoyou.net


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