How Your iPhone Has Affected These 5 Major Industries

How Your iPhone Has Affected These 5 Major Industries

By Vicky at Grow Marketing, Photo by Aaron Yoo

After reading Tim Bajarin’s article “How Apple’s iPhones Changed These 5 Major Industries” we appreciated how informative and relevant the information is and have taken our own key notes which may be of interest.

Apple is one of the largest software companies and has in no doubt changed the way in which individuals go about both their personal and professional lives.

The first Apple iPhone was introduced to the world in January 2007, and at this time Tim Bajarin recalls how Apple’s Vice-President of Marketing, Phil Schiller had presented this rectangular device, framed in silver and asked what he saw;

“I told him I saw a piece of glass in a metal case. He told me that’s what Apple wants you to see – in ‘off’ mode, that’s exactly what it is. But turn it on and the magic happens.”

On the release of this new iPhone, there was a large amount of hype that the device had to live up too, and surprisingly enough it did. It was then named as the “game-changer” due to the way it had changed and innovated the process of how people communicated, learned, worked and played.

So what are the five industries that iPhone has completely turned upside down:

PC Market

Due to the iPhone and smartphone becoming one of the major tools for information, communications, productivity and pleasure, the PC market has become less relevant to a number of people. Previously PC sales reached 400 million a year, but this has rapidly decreased down to 275 million a year. This is due to Apple creating portable devices that has  given individual’s access to the internet from a small device that they can use in anyplace at anytime.

Telecom Companies

Within Telecom companies, the main telco business models were based around voice. The industry at the time was gradually pushing these telecom companies to move to digital voice instead of traditional landline voice delivery methods. With the release of the iPhone,however, these companies had no choice but to move away from the traditional voice business all together.

Nowadays telecom providers are data communication companies who have had to evolve due to the evolution of technology, which is solely based on the innovation of Apple.

Movie and TV Business

Not long ago, for someone to watch a movie, they would travel to their closest movie theatre, or were only able to view TV programmes from their Television. iPhone has now completely flipped this norm upside down by creating a mobile platform for video delivery. Due to these new platforms, major movies and TV studios has been forced to expand their distribution methods by including both downloading and streaming services to mobile devices. We can thank the evolution of the iPhone for the fueling of new types of video services such as Youtube, Netflix and Hulu – video powerhouses, as 50% of these viewed contents are sourced from mobile devices.

Gaming Industry

iPhone has impacted the gaming industry hugely. Originally games were delivered through game consoles, a PC or dedicated handheld devices such as Nintendo DS or Sony PlayStation Portable. The market then expanded hugely with the increase of mobile gaming and the introduction of touch-based gameplay which became so popular that holdouts such as Nintendo jumped aboard, creating games based on its iconic franchises. This new prospect of gaming has increased and changed the way of gaming and can be proven through the success of Pokemon Go, which alone has had 750 million downloads.

Health Industry

iPhone has given individuals the tools to monitor a number of health metrics as well as being able to access any health information, whether that is connecting with health professionals or even receiving health advice virtually, anywhere at anytime. This area is predicted to continuously grow, as the health industry is predicted to take further advantage of the digital platforms that are now so easily available.

Apple Itself

The biggest change there has been, is to the Apple company itself, as this company was once only known to make computers.  Apple Inc. is now a company that has expanded and innovated every technological device such as laptops, computers, smartphones, iPads and watches, as well as changing the way in which we view these products. Today the iPhone accounts for 60% of the total Apple revenue and continuously brings in record profits every year without fail. The iphone has 1.3 billion units in global sales which generates more than $800 billion in revenue. Due to market capitalization, Apple is already one of the most valuable companies on this planet and is on track to be the world’s first trillion dollar one.

     Tim Bajarin stated;

“Looking back over the last 10 years, the hype before the launch of the iPhone if anything underestimated its impact on global industries and individuals. And with Apple on track to define and grow emerging technologies like augmented reality in mobile, Cupertino seems poised to make the iPhone even more important to our digital lifestyles, transforming industries in ways we have yet to imagine.”

Reading this article gives us a sense of excitement of what the new digital era could introduce in the next 10 years and how this will continue to change our day to day norms.

Can you keep up with these ever changing digital trends and embrace them to enhance your business?

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