Exeter Youtuber And YMCA Exeter Lead Pioneering Video Gaming Event

Exeter Youtuber And YMCA Exeter Lead Pioneering Video Gaming Event

Exeter YouTuber, Andy Robertson and YMCA Exeter joined forces to share pioneering gaming knowledge to help guide young people to healthy video gaming.  

Andy Robertson, who runs the AskAboutGames.com parent gaming resource and is a journalist for the BBC, the Guardian, and the Telegraph drew on research and advice from his new book, Taming Gaming, to lead the session.    

Parents, social workers, foster carers and teachers travelled from across Devon to attend the event at Belmont Chapel in Exeter, on Wednesday 4th March.  

The evening focused around helping guardians to move away from negative attitudes associated with gaming and instead to use video games to help build relationships and connections with young people.    

One father explained how he travelled 50 miles to attend the event as the topic is very important to him and he wants to understand how to support his son who enjoys gaming and is on the autism spectrum.  

Attendees had the chance to play a variety of video games, encouraging them to take a step towards increased understanding and literacy.  

A local mum explained how she was “trying to see the good in video gaming.” At the moment she just sees it as negative and a waste of time. “I need my perspective shifted,” she explained.   

Andy Robertson says: 

“As a dad, the most important thing to me is that video gaming does not create distance between myself and my kids. It’s about having conversations about screen time, the content of the game and how much money is spent.”   

With the results of an Ofcom report published in Jan 2019 stating that 87% of 12-15 year old’s are involved in video gaming, the evening was a chance to take an unflinching look at the impact of gaming on children and family life. The content compiled the latest research and advice from psychologists, industry experts, parents, schools and children’s charities. 

Si Johns, Joint CEO of YMCA Exeter, says: 

“A big thanks to Andy for providing such interesting insight into the world of video gaming. It was great to see such a variety of people attending the event and travelling quite a distance to be there. YMCA Exeter believe in reaching out into our surrounding community and supporting young people and the families around them – this evening was one way to do that.”   

www.askaboutgames.com | www.ymcaexeter.org.uk | Photo by JESHOOTS.COM on Unsplash

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