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Can your business cope with a disaster?

Can your business cope with a disaster?

Exeter has recently been hit with some high profile disasters that affected the businesses involved and stopped them trading. How would your business cope in this scenario? 

What happens if you come into the office and find the server room flooded or worse? A business continuity and disaster recovery plan covers all possible eventualities from data loss, prolonged power failures or internet outages and acts as a road map for the business to ensure they have the right IT support and solutions in place should the worst happen. If it does, there’s a ready-made plan to follow.

IT Champion specialises in helping businesses to leverage industry standard products and best practices for business continuity and disaster recovery. Every organisation should regularly review and adapt its business continuity strategy. Here are just three challenging questions that you should consider:

• Will your business keep operating in the event of a serious incident or disaster such as a flood, fire, act of vandalism, major power failure or severe network outage?
• How would unplanned downtime of your IT and communication infrastructure affect business or the operation of your organisation?
• What is your disaster recovery plan to mitigate the risk of downtime and does it actually work?

The growing dependence on access to technology 24/7 continues to spread into all aspects of the work place. The reliance on business-critical information, productivity tools, email and communication systems is ever increasing. IT Champion can prepare your organisation for unforeseen circumstances and help you to develop and test your business continuity strategy.

If you would like help reviewing or creating a business continuity plan for your organisation, talk to us about a disaster recovery review.

Our portfolio of business continuity solutions include:

• Backup & Replication
• Virtualisation & The Cloud
• DR Testing & Validation
• 24/7 IT Support for Critical Systems

Contact us now to discuss your disaster recovery plan.


By Matt Phillips, IT Champion –

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