Photograph of co-directors Colin Bennett (left) and Keiron Feltham (right)


Specialist cabling firm, Karris Networks, has recently joined the array of internationally acclaimed science and technological companies which are based at Plymouth Science Park.

The highly experienced team of engineers aim to provide a perfect network infrastructure within a client’s premises. Their goal is to allow for both meeting the present requirements of the client and also to allow for any foreseeable changes in the future.

It means businesses can plan, in advance, for any expansions and alterations to their office, factory or classroom layout.

Co-director Keiron Feltham has been working on installing data cables since 1987 and has seen immense changes over that time.

“Good forward planning allows for smoother and less disruptive alterations. A network infrastructure needs to be designed, to make it work efficiently and also at its fastest possible speed,” he says.

“Networks are getting quicker all the time. As such, we carefully consider how and where we install cabling infrastructure within a client’s premises, to both minimise damage and interference to any of the cables installed, as any ‘squashing’ of cables can affect the performance of the network.

Despite the advent of Wi-Fi networks, data cabling is still the most secure, effective and efficient method for computers to communicate. It’s also very fast, the UK should shortly be seeing speeds of up to 40GBps on Category 7 cables.

Installing your data cabling, with Karris Networks, is crucial when ensuring your infrastructure runs smoothly. The team works closely with your staff to ascertain your current needs are met while also ensuring that future planning is considered.

“There are a lot of people who think data cabling is just another bit of cable, and can be treated as such, it is quite difficult to find quality experienced engineers within this industry,” explains Keiron.

“Karris Networks is seeing an increasing demand for its services as companies see the benefits of having fibre optic and network cabling installed correctly and working at the faster speeds.”

“Networks need to be faster and more stable than ever, with the use of CCTV and door access for example, being installed on to the network cabling, the client needs to know that the basis of his network can handle all that traffic,” says Colin Bennett, Co-director of Karris Networks.

“We not only install the infrastructure but we can supply install and set up CCTV, door access, Wi-Fi, smart screens and audio-visual installs such as projectors and speakers.”

The team were attracted to Plymouth Science Park as it has some of the fastest broadband speeds for any commercial outlet of its size in the south west.

Keiron also worked on installing data cabling at the 25-acre site nearly a decade ago and has seen its rapid growth over the years.

“Plymouth Science Park is at the forefront of all technology in the region and is the known hub for businesses involved in science and technology,” says Kieron. “Its professional approach sees regular conferenced using video interaction with other parts of the UK and world. Its high internet speeds mean such events can run smoothly.”

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