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My Morning Routine – Samina Ferris

My Morning Routine – Samina Ferris

For this month’s morning routine, we catch up with 43-year-old Samina Ferris, an interior designer at Big Wow Interiors, who lives in Exeter. Samina describes herself as:  

“Mum, wife and business owner. Trying to be the best I can be at all of the above”.

Tell us about your morning routine?

The dog wakes us up around 6:00 am scratching at the door as he hears my son creeping out of his bed and into our bed. I make no secret of the fact that I didn’t want a dog, but I went along with the family so as not to deprive them of having a loving pet in their early years. Roo the Cockapoo is now adored by all, including me! The morning is pretty standard for many families with young children I should imagine. Although I do live by the ‘Tidy house, tidy mind’ theory, so I make all the beds and tidy before breakfast, or it would mess with my head all day. I shower, get the packed lunches prepared, make breakfast, unload the dishwasher, pack the school bags ….all whilst the dog is following me around. I’m lucky to get on the school run without a twisted ankle from falling over the dog! I have no time for exercise first thing, so I will try and fit something into my day at least twice a week. I try and go for a gym workout or a run along the river.

Tell us about the food and drink that you consume in the morning?    

I love a cup or three of builders tea to wake me up and quench the morning thirst.  For most of my adult life, I thought I didn’t like coffee and hadn’t drunk it for years. A friend of mine introduced me to freshly ground coffee about 2 years ago and I realised that it was instant coffee that made me feel sick. I now have a strong black coffee after the tea and then I’m good to go.  Breakfast is always porridge with nuts and boiled eggs x 2. My dad is Pakistani and as a child, I was weaned on curry and spicy foods, so the breakfast eggs are always eaten with hot chilli sauce or Patak’s lime pickle, to the disgust of my husband and children. 

If you were an item of breakfast food, what would you be and why?

I’d be a boiled egg. Tough on the outside but soft, bright and sunny on the inside.

Tell us about any technology that you use in the morning.  

I normally lie awake waiting for the radio alarm. (It would be a nice treat for it to actually wake me up!) I like to know what’s happened in the world overnight. Technology is not the first thing I reach for in the morning as it’s busy in our house, so the radio is about all I can manage. After the school run, I’ll check out  Instagram and Linkedin. I do this once a day, otherwise, it consumes too much time. I still work from a PC and don’t have work emails to my phone. This helps me separate work from leisure and family time.

What would you say is your typical ‘Morning song’?

I’ve Got a Feeling by the Black Eyed Peas. Such a great feel-good track and how I feel about every day. I change the lyrics to  “Today’s gonna be a good good day”! 

Tell us about your journey to work?

I work from home but often drive my son to school, so we listen to the radio. We like to sing loudly to anything we know the lyrics to! 

Tell us who your favourite ‘Carpool Karaoke’ artist would be and what you would sing together?

Definitely Beyonce. We sound nothing alike, but I love her energy, voice and all of her music. The song we would sing would be Crazy in Love…..I love the dance she does to this, could be a bit tricky in a car!

What are the first tasks that you need to attend to when you get to work? 

Being an Interior Designer, every day is different as projects can be so varied. I always check my emails first and then I make a start on whatever is my project of the moment.  My first task could be a client meeting, creating a design, sourcing materials, putting together a quote, putting up curtains and blinds or even cleaning a show-home ready for dressing.

If you had an endless supply of money, what would your ideal job/hobby be and why?

I love the mountains, so I’d buy a very large chalet in the Alps where all my friends and family could come and stay. I ski but would love to improve to the stage where I could teach others.

What’s your favourite book, TV programme or movie? 

Being a Welsh girl, it’s got to be Gavin and Stacey. It’s a similar story to how my husband and I met and I think it’s hilarious. I’m not gonna lie to you, I can’t wait for the Christmas special!

What would your Super Hero name be and what would your Super Power be?

My Super Hero name would be The Sleep Saviour.  My Super Power would be to make all children sleep in until at least 9 am at the weekends – enabling both parents to have a lie-in with no arguments about whose turn it is!

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