Matthew Rochford – Coaching Success

Matthew Rochford – Coaching Success

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Several weeks ago, I had the pleasure of meeting Matthew Rochford, a South West-based Business and Personal Development Coach, for a chat over coffee (or in my case, apple juice as I’d already had a few cups before leaving the house that morning).

Originally from Aberdeen and with a mother of Indian heritage, Matthew is a man of varied influences; inspired by Buddhism, a Martial Arts instructor, a serial entrepreneur, a fan of deep psychological principles and the over-arching furthering of humankind. His is a unique and interesting worldview indeed.

Having studied Politics and History at Newcastle University, he stayed in the North-East for seven years, working in the mental health profession before moving to London, continuing his mental health work and, eventually, starting a Tai Chi School.

After living and working in London for several years, including a stint selling high-end furniture to affluent clients in Canary Wharf, Matthew moved to Devon in 1999 and started Tai Chi Nation; running weekend residential retreats, regular classes, training professional Tai Chi Instructors and working with large corporates, including Unilever and Roche, as part of their wellbeing programmes.

In 2012, he decided to scale back his Tai Chi work as he had started to work on bespoke marketing projects for a handful of clients, offering content marketing, video, website and social media services. He branded this small marketing agency So What? Social Media and enjoyed working for his clients before it came to a natural end in 2016, when Matthew took on a marketing and account management role for Big Star Copywriting, near Dartington.

It was around this time that he received two-years of professional coaching from Dale Lockett (an Integral Master Coach™, prominent in Canada and America). Having been involved in mentoring for many years through Tai Chi and advising business owners as a marketing consultant, Matthews interest was piqued after this positive coaching experience and it was a fairly logical step to take for him to pursue a career in coaching. His variety of experiences, qualifications and roles meant that he was well-positioned to coach others along their journeys too.

Helping people and working closely with them to see them become more fulfilled and discover their own unique approach in life is a huge source of pride and satisfaction for Matthew. His firm belief is that

“Clarifying your goals in life and sticking to a plan takes determination, the right attitude and a genuine spirit of adventure. Whether your goals are quantitative or qualitative, having an ally will directly affect the outcome.”

However, coaching isn’t all about goals. It is about taking a thematic approach and discovering the thought and behaviour themes within a person’s life, career and self-narrative. It is only then that someone can make significant changes. After all, our experience of everything and anything is completely down to our thinking, our interpretation of our surroundings and the way that we frame things. We are walking, talking, breathing, thinking processing units; each of us with a unique and thoroughly human path to tread.

There is far more that I could write about Matthew but, for now, why not visit his website to find out more for yourself.

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