Get Set, Grow: The White Collection By Caroline Victoria

Get Set, Grow: The White Collection By Caroline Victoria

Name of Business : The White Collection by Caroline Victoria

Start-up date : 17 November 2018

Name of Founder: Caroline Victoria Hooper

This month, we feature The White Collection by Caroline Victoria, a little business with a collection of stunning items handpicked by Caroline Victoria.  Caroline started her online business around a year ago and recently opened a shop in Crediton.  She says,

“If it’s not stunning and gorgeous then it simply does not make it into my collection.”

We asked Caroline to give us a little background on The White Collection:

It has taken an awful lot to get me to this point – mainly raising my own confidence and believing in myself.  I find it so rewarding that people love the products, the designs and the concepts behind what I do. I wanted my little girls to be proud of me, and know that in this world you can make your dreams come true through hard work, loads of falls, and learning from your mistakes; but also remaining true to what you believe in.

Raising funds has been a ‘pay as you go’ experience.  Every penny I earn goes back into my business along with any other money that is in the family pot (shhh don’t tell my husband).  It proves that you don’t always need a massive budget (although I really do wish I had one!) but that you can still create a brand if it’s done with the right style and you capture the eye; which is what I believe I do.  I know what women want, I know ‘less is more’, and I know that simple clean lines for the home are perfect in our busy world.

My market is varied and aimed at nearly everyone, from babies to 100 years! I design my own Little White Collection by Caroline Victoria which consists of children’s clothes (that are made to order and are exclusive to the collection) along with baby gifts and elegant things to go into their bedrooms.  My general homeware collection and accessories for ladies leave my shop wrapped up to the finest standard, ideal choices for gifts and I also have a posh party range which I will continue to grow.

The White Collection by Caroline Victoria

Talk us through the day to day running of the business, and how things are going so far:

The day to day running of the business is fun but fitting everything into the average day, is a challenge – and then some!  I want the shop to be a magical place, a place that people love to visit, so I insist on a relaxed environment and always greet my customers with a warm and welcoming smile.

And finally, what are your plans for the future?

I’m bursting with items, ideas and have many dreams.  How I get there? Truthfully, I don’t really know but I’m not doing too badly, so far, and I hope to continue to expand and grow every day.   The future for my business is exclusivity – I want my whole collection to be completely unique – which is why I strive to source the very best.  I would like to open another store and grow my internet business going forward, and I would also love to have a big backer behind me.

To get in touch with Caroline Victoria, follow her on Facebook and Instagram or pop onto her website.

Caroline Victoria smiling and looking off camera.

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