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Get Set, Grow: The Renz Nest

Get Set, Grow: The Renz Nest

Name of Business: The Renz Nest

Start-Up Date: February 2019

Name of Founder: Jessica Renz

This month, we feature The Renz Nest an e-commerce store, that sells a selection of things like bottles, cups, food wrap, lunch boxes, toothbrushes and solid shampoo. The store is set up alongside a blog which helps people start their journey to zero waste. The blog expands on ideas for a plastic-free lifestyle and the store offers viewers a chance to purchase items. These products have been thoroughly researched, are transparent with their sustainability journey and share the same values as The Renz Nest. The motivation for The Renz Nest is stemmed in being kinder to our planet, not only through managing plastic pollution but also by considering issues such as climate change and unsustainable land use.

We asked Jessica to give us a little background on The Renz Nest:

What started as a New Year’s Resolution to cut back on my personal plastic waste, turned into a passion that gathered a wide range of support and keen advocates. After establishing an online blog to help people understand and gather ideas on how to make their homes more sustainable, I was able to invest in an e-commerce store that allows readers to have immediate access to a range of tried and tested products. The arrival of my little boy last year gave me time to think about this venture and establish the startup. My current market are those who have been following my ideas and want to become more sustainable. As awareness is raised, particularly through word of mouth, the market will hopefully increase.

A range of zero waste products from The Renz Nest

Talk us through the day to day running of the business, and how things are going so far:

The Renz Nest is currently a side project, with being a new parent and working as a Meteorologist at the Met Office taking the front seats. But this does not make it the lesser of the three, and I find it to be a fantastic escape at times. On a weekly basis, I deal with marketing, sales and research, all of which stretch my imagination. Demand for a creative outlook puts me in touch with like-minded people and encourages me to continue learning about the market. I consider myself lucky to have this opportunity and more so, that I have a family so willing to help me on my way.

And finally, what are your plans for the future?

In the short term, I hope to expand the resources that I have to offer, increase my customer base and establish a pop-up stall. I plan to become more familiar with the people of Exeter and the South West, as the ultimate sustainable business must be for the local community.   I have approached a number of festivals and fairs to host a stall, as well as some sporting events. In the long term, I hope to become equipped to open a zero waste store in Exeter. Exeter is incredibly lucky to have a couple of zero waste stores opening this year, but if the future of shopping is really going to be sustainable and convenient, there will be a demand for stores across the city and beyond and I hope to contribute towards this vision.

To get in touch with Jessica, please visit The Renz Nest website. Any questions or event organisers, please email

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