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Get Set, Grow! Greedy Pig’s Pantry Ltd

Get Set, Grow! Greedy Pig’s Pantry Ltd

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Greedy Pig’s Pantry Ltd – Established: September 2017

Founders: Andy and Diane Clayton-Smith

This month, we feature Greedy Pig’s Pantry Ltd, makers of ‘fruity fripperies and jammy gems’ as owner Andy Clayton-Smith puts it, as well as being in their second season of organically fed, rare-breed mail order pork boxes.

We asked Andy to give us a little background on the business:

My wife, Diane, and I are keen cooks and have been growing our own veggies and raising pigs for some years now. Greedy Pig’s Pantry has grown out of that love of food and our commitment to ethical production methods, as well as a real desire to find out whether we’re good enough to make it as a bona fide food retailer. Whilst we’re still only at the start of that journey, early signs are pretty encouraging. We’ve built the foundations of a healthy box scheme for our Tamworth pork and our preserves and pickles have sold well at food fairs this summer. We’re also lucky enough to have stock being carried by our local farm shop & café, as well as being used by Yarner House, a luxury B&B country house nearby.

Talk us through the day to day running of the business, and how things are going so far:

Well, it’s certainly a labour of love, as the business still needs to operate around our day jobs at present. We’ve decided that going for the ‘big bang’ launch approach wasn’t a viable option and so instead we’re slowly growing the brand, primarily through social media, and incrementally rolling-out products that test well with family & friends. Whilst feedback has been universally positive, the downside is that progress is slow; however, it does at least mean our exposure to risk is minimal and our cost base is super-controllable. I’m not convinced that John Maynard Keynes (who was a great British Economist) would be using our model as his poster boy for the ideal enterprise but thus far it seems to be working well for us.

And finally, what are your plans for the future?

We’re still very much at the ‘dreamer’ stage! I think our aspirations are fairly modest and so we’re never likely to see our business expanding outside the UK – after all, it’s not really in keeping with the ethos of ‘locally sourced’ that we’re keen on. That said though, we already have customers receiving produce as far afield as the East Midlands, the North-West of England and East Anglia, so there’s no good reason why the Greedy Pig’s Pantry brand shouldn’t be found throughout the country as we move forward. For now, the dream is fairly simple – more land and lots more pigs, plus a little more production and storage space for the jams, pickles & conserves. And finding someone to lend a hand with finally completing construction of our first polytunnel would be a major win too!

To get in touch with The Greedy Pig’s Pantry Ltd, drop them an email to or pop onto their website.

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