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Here at Grow we are all about looking at the positive side of life – there is enough media looking at the negative. So during this time of uncertainty and unknown all around the world, we wanted to launch a new feel-good project called Grow Voices!

We started by asking people around the world to share a 3-min selfie video diary with us each week during the COVID-19 lockdown to tell us how they are turning challenges & difficulty into positives!

Here are their stories…


What is

grow Voices?



Free To Be YOU

By Therapist, Barbara Appleby RMBACP  Photos supplied by Barbara and The Intercom Trust  As a therapist in private practice, I work a lot with diversity, and have the privilege to work with the LGBTQI+ (Lesbian, Gay, Bi-Sexual, Trans, Queer...

Exeter Churches Launch Student Help Service During Lockdown

Churches in Exeter have launched a dedicated StudentHelp service offering emotional and practical support for university students who are under local lockdown restrictions. Students in the city are not currently permitted to meet indoors with anyone who is not in...

Good News for bus commuters

Stagecoach is implementing some positive changes to bus timetables and is set to increase the frequency of buses in Exeter city, offer early morning buses, and respond to passenger feedback on previous changes. From the 6th September, Stagecoach has put in place...


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