Why So Serious? The Latest Joker Teaser Is Here!

Why So Serious? The Latest Joker Teaser Is Here!

Grow Talk by Sofy Robertson

In July, the teaser trailer for the Joker Origins film was released to tantalise us DC fans. Along with the teaser, we were also given a 2019 release date and a title for the newest film of the Batman franchise: Joker. It doesn’t score any points for ingenuity, but the trailer itself did a good job of teasing the audience into excitement over Joaquin Phoenix’s portrayal of Batman’s nemesis.

The initial teaser trailer is driven by Phoenix’s chilling interpretation of the Joker’s voice, accompanied by a musical score that slowly builds as the images flash. We get our first glimpse of Phoenix just over half way through, but at present he is not the Joker. The pace of the trailer cleverly slows here and lingers on Phoenix holding a gun to his head. After the shot goes black in time with a ringing gun shot, we get our first and only glimpse of the Joker and his infamous smile.



Fans appetites for the upcoming movie have been whetted further this week with the release of a further teaser. At less than thirty seconds, it is a true teasing taste of what is to come. We see Phoenix standing in drab clothes, his hair shoulder length and his hands in his jacket pockets. He stands against a plain back background and contrapuntal music plays. The Guess Who’s Laughing seems to jar musically with the visual of the trailer however the lyrics are cleverly in-line. The camera slowly pans in on Phoenix and flashes of a film projection play over his serious face. It is difficult at first to distinguish what these flashes are until the camera is very close to Phoenix and we realise it is the face of a clown. At the same time, we also realise that Phoenix has begun smiling which matches the mask of the projected clown as well as the lyrics of the song. We hear the words ‘laughing’ just as Phoenix’s smile is at its widest, partially obscured by the projected clown face, and then the scene cuts. Now we have a close-up of the Joker in full make-up, his smile wider than we could imagine. As the drawn out ‘laughing’ lyric comes to a close, so does the Joker’s smile and the trailer ends with the Joker staring into the camera, breaking the fourth wall without even a trace of a smile. The scene cuts to black as the music lingers for a further second. Chilling. But don’t take my word for it; have a look at the teaser below.



Photo by Josh Appel on Unsplash

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