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Weekend Routines For A Happier Working Week

Weekend Routines For A Happier Working Week

Grow Talk by Sofy Robertson

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The weekend is on the horizon, bringing two days of relief from the hard work of your week. Your weekend activities can set the tone of your week to come so it’s important to take some time, even just a few minutes, to recharge ready for Monday.

Get down with your downward dog

Yoga. Relaxation, strengthening, breathing deeply. Whether you can join a class or just roll out a mat or towel in your living room, taking a little time to focus on your breathing and clear your mind can help you exit the weekend feeling zen.


Look at the stars, look how they shine for you

One of the benefits of winter are those clear night skies, and the fact that they happen much earlier. There’s no need to stay up till the wee small hours; taking an after-dinner walk could give you the chance to do some quality stargazing. Whether you’re an astral expert or you just prefer to name your own constellations, put your day or your week in perspective by looking at the infiniteness of the universe.


Scrub the decks

Some people, and I may not entirely count myself in this category, love to relax and unwind by cleaning. De-cluttering the spare room, scrubbing the bath tub; for some, this is their jam. I may not be entirely on board, but I agree there is very little as satisfying as a tidy, clean house.


Netflix and chill

It doesn’t necessarily have to be Netflix, but spending a little time catching up on your favourite series or watching a film is a great way to unwind. With the nights drawing in earlier, an evening snuggled on the couch or even a pyjama day can feel entirely satisfying after a hectic week.


Device free S-days

Whether it’s Saturday or Sunday, you could try dedicating one of your weekend days to going device free. Now, I know this contradicts my previous paragraph, but having a little screen-free time opens up opportunities for walks, board games, family cooking and all those good old traditional Famous Five-esque activities.


Take a walk on the wild side

Whether on your own or with your family, friends or other half, a walk can help you re-set. With Autumn coming to a close, it’s a great time to get out and appreciate those rich fall colours and the milder weather before the cold snaps back. You may get inspired to write and soliloquise about nature, or bring along your phone or camera to take some snaps of seasonal beauty.


weekend routines


Hit the gym

Sometimes the week is just too busy to fit in some exercise. The weekend might be the perfect time to hit the gym or the local swimming pool and exercise into those endorphins. This could be a great opportunity for some me-time, or a chance for a family outing.


Go for a plog

Yes, you read that right. A plog. Picking up litter while you run. Not only is it great for your fitness, the feel-good factor is boosted as you’re giving back to the environment. Make sure you wear gloves though, health and safety and all that.


Bathe in success

Drawing a bath can provide a dual effect; it can help you soak up the success of the week or ease the stresses and strains of a difficult one. Take a little me-time; lock that bathroom door, place the wine glass firmly on the lip of the tub (and the bottle within easy reach), light the candles and just let yourself float.


From all of us here at Grow, we wish you a healthy and happy weekend of plogging, bathing, and stargazing and we look forward to seeing you refreshed and zen on Monday.


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