Hot Or Not; The Forecast For 2019 Weddings

Hot Or Not; The Forecast For 2019 Weddings

Grow Talk by Sofy Robertson

The wedding season of 2018 is slowly drawing to a close but planning for next year’s summer season is well and truly underway.

Like the fashion industry, the wedding industry operates on trends which are often cyclical in nature. Key trends from this year’s matrimonials, according to Wedding Wire, were oversized floral wreaths and dessert bars.

With 2018 now officially passé, it’s time to look forward to 2019 and check the hot or not list of weddings trends.


Hot: Simple Dresses

According to Hamish Shephard from, the UK’s leading wedding planner app, the modern day bride is savvy and prioritises comfort over aesthetic.

Local seamstress Alicia Bevan, who runs Alterations by Alicia – Fittings and Fancies based in Exeter, agrees:

“Brides are going for more simplistic gowns with less embellishment. It’s all about the tailoring and fit.”

Pocketed wedding dresses have grown largely in popularity, and what can be more practical than a dress with pockets?


Hot: We can be Royal

Last year’s Royal Wedding has had a huge impact on the bridal industry, giving new credence to the phrase ‘I want to look like a princess.’

Alicia says:

“The catwalks for 2019 bridalwear have taken influence from the recent royal weddings and tiaras are back in.”

Because, of course, no princess is truly complete without her tiara.

In addition to the Royal aesthetic, Princess Eugenie’s wedding plans have sparked a trend of ‘conscious ceremonies’. After revealing that her ceremony will be free of plastic, sustainable weddings are becoming du jour. So we can expect re-plantable flowers, organic and vegan menus and environmentally-friendly confetti next year.


Hot: Something Blue? Your dress

Yes, you read that right. Blue wedding dresses are in. Why? Well, that’s much more obscure, but Alicia tells us that blue is the next big thing. I suppose that’s one less item from the rhyme to think about.


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Hot: Attack of the drones

In our ever increasingly technological world it shouldn’t come as a surprise that drones are setting the trend for 2019 weddings. Hamish claims that technologies are already owning the matrimonial space. With all couples in pursuit of that perfect wedding shot, it seems that photo-by-drone is the way to achieve it.


Not: Honeymoons

Honeymoons are becoming increasingly uncool with couples instead opting for engagement moons. According to Hamish, couples are choosing to go away together prior to the wedding as opposed to afterwards.

The primary reason for this? Money, of course. With many couples’ budgets stretched to transparency by the day itself, the desire to plan an earlier trip while the piggy bank still gives that satisfying rattle is a top priority.


Not: I’m dreaming of a white wedding

Ivory and white are out and colours are in. As Alicia mentioned, blue is set to be this year’s wedding dress colour and brides are expected to be increasingly bold in their colour choices for 2019. Black dresses, coloured linings and even metallic fabrics are due to be 2019 trend-setters.


Not: Rustic charm

Sadly, rustic charm is on its way out for 2019 with couples opting for a more refined look, according to Danielle Gonzalez of Blooms by the Box. Instead, we will see more of an industrial aesthetic filled with metals and hard lines, coupled with greenery and florals to provide balance.


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Not: Cover up those naked cakes!

Yes, that’s right, the era of the naked cake is coming to a close. With couples wanting a more elegant feel to their big day, intricate designs and decorations are back in for wedding confectionary.


2019; The year of weddings?

Well, the times are well and truly a-changing. 2019 is set to be an exciting year for weddings and even more so in the South West after Rockbeare Manor hosted the prestigious Wedding Industry Awards and saw their sister venue, Coombe Lodge, scoop a Highly Commended for Best Venue.

Whether couples make the decision to follow or ditch the upcoming trends for 2019, there is no doubt that weddings are getting bolder. Planning a wedding has always been a fine balancing act of keeping friends and family happy and entertained but now more so than ever, brides and grooms are putting their priorities at the forefront of their big day.

So, to any Grow readers out there who are due to tie the knot in 2019, we wish you all the best. And if you have a blue wedding dress, or an industrial themed wedding on the cards, think of us when you receive those drone-photos!


Photo by Benjaminrobyn Jespersen , Anna Docking , Patrick Tomasso on Unsplash

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