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Petworking: Here’s who we are Connecting with so Far!

Petworking: Here’s who we are Connecting with so Far!


Grow Talk, the newest feature for Grow’s online platform, provides commentary on what’s happening both locally and globally and discusses its impact on the business world. Written by Sofy Robertson, our Online Content Assistant and the newest member of our editorial team, Grow Talk will be a regular feature exclusive to our website.

Two days ago, we introduced ‘Petworking’, our premier pet networking platform for businesses and business professionals. We thought it was about time that our much-loved pooches, moggies and other animal companions got the shout out they deserved for getting us through our working day. And let’s face it, our pets provide us with fantastic opportunities to meet new people and interact; whether that may be taking your office dog for walks around your business park or recruiting followers for your cat’s Insta.

So here we have it, our first round of pets who bring cheer to the office or wait impatiently at home, ready to help their human forget the stresses of the day.

Introducing the Petworking Pooches


Matthew Nesbitt's collie Billie in the forest.

Matthew Nesbitt, founder and Principal Leather Maker at Colville Leather, sent us this great photo of Billie, his tri-coloured collie.


Sampson Hall's dogs Philip and Brenda in the boot of a car.

Sampson Hall, a dynamic, forward thinking leadership development organisation, sent us this lovely snap of Philip and Brenda arriving at the office this morning.


Three dogs called Dillon, Bruce and Pip.

We are so keen on Petworking that we have our very own Operations and Distribution Manager, Rowena Stoneman, out delivering Grow magazines and snapping photos of any ‘dogs on the job’ that she comes across. That is how we came across Dillon, pictured above, proudly holding Grow. Dillon ‘works’ at Smart Accounting Solutions. Rowena also met Bruce the Labrador from Flotec UK who specialise in Ultrasonic technology and Pip the schnauzer from Noath Precision Engineering. It’s safe to say Row was in her element.



Chris Lorimer and his dog Minnie.

Chris Lorimer, founder of the South West Growth Service, kindly sent us this gorgeous photo of him and Minnie. He describes her as

“patient, a good listener and great connecter with a very big heart”.

I definitely know of a few humans who could learn from her Chris!


Exeter Racecourse's dog Lola.

Finally, Lucy Snell from Exeter Racecourse sent us a few fantastic pics of Lola, who has had a career in the C&E department that spans 6 ½ years! We definitely hope that Lola will be due a long service award soon! We chose this fab pic of Lola hard at work in her very own office chair. Lucy describes Lola as

“a well-loved member of the team. She begins her day greeting the office staff in the car park as they arrive for work, even jumping into their cars to deliver her morning kisses.  After this, she enjoys welcoming the conference organisers and delegates, and likes to follow her owner Michelle, who is the conference and events manager at the racecourse.”

Michelle says

“Lola is a huge part of the racecourse, and is well known by our regular clients, some of whom even bring treats especially for her.  Lola is always the first point of call in the office for visitors, who she meets at the door. The team know they will not get a look in until a fuss has been made of Lola, and they wouldn’t change a thing!”

Introducing the Petworking Pussies

Joff Alexander-Frye's cat Pixel.

Joff Alexander-Frye, our Editor in Chief, shared his frustration with his cat Pixie through the preceding photo. For the first time in ages, Joff had the chance to do some composition work in his home studio, but Pixie had other ideas, as you can see! Pixie’s real name is Pixel and she is eleven years old. She was originally borrowed from our Chief Executive, Dan Frye, as a rat catcher and the rest, as they say, is history. She sleeps in the children’s toy box and loves cuddles, particularly in the evening.

Stella and Llew Nicholls cat Charlie.

Stella Nicholls, our Print Content Editor, and Llew Nicholls, our Chief Commerical Officer, shared this photo of Charlie doing what cats do best: sitting on the things you need. Stella says:

“Charlie is at her most affectionate when the weather takes a turn for the worse and she’s trying to warm her little pads.  She’s South African, you see, and is used to a far warmer climate. One of her favourite pastimes is ‘find the foot’ which she plays incessantly, usually on a Saturday morning when you are trying to have a ‘lie in’.  She likes nothing more than to sink her claws into your big toe, her reward for stalking the slightest movement under the duvet.  She’s a character and I wouldn’t change a thing about her.”


Sofy Robertson's cats Wizard and Zephyr asleep on a bed.

And finally, I couldn’t resist including a snap of my cuddle plums, Wizard and Zephyr. Anyone who knows me can testify to the fact that I am a crazy (not old!) cat lady and therefore wanted to make sure that our feline friends are represented in our Petworking posse. Wiz and Zeph recognise the sound of both our car and our motorbike and are always ready and waiting at the window for us. Their favourite (and our least favourite) past time is bringing us ‘presents’ from the surrounding countryside… They are brother and sister and spend lots of time curling up together or stealing our recently vacated seats. Equally, they scrap like only siblings can and Wizard in particular likes to find a high perch and leap down on an unsuspecting Zephyr as he bumbles around, meowing loudly for her, like a reverse Marco-Polo game.

So from Team Grow a huge thank you to all the humans who have shared their pets with us so far and we are calling for you to keep them coming! Send your photos along with your name/your company’s name, your pet’s name and a few words about their role in your office or their role in greeting you after a long day at the office! Email or tag us on social media with @GrowExeterMagazine #petworking.

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