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Lunch Alert: Lunchbox Inspiration

Lunch Alert: Lunchbox Inspiration

Grow Talk by Sofy Robertson

Yesterday’s Grow Talk article Have A Break, Have A … Lunch discussed the importance of taking a break during the working day. As promised, the first in a series of follow-ups is here to a. remind you that it’s lunch time, and b. inspire your lunch breaks.

Today’s lunch focus: the food. Many of us are great at packing lunches for our kids or sending off our other halves with healthy and nutritious lunchables, but we often neglect ourselves. Getting into a routine of shopping in advance so as to make a healthy lunch can be difficult. I know that in my first week of working at Grow, I was guilty of taking in bread and butter on several days…

It is fairly obvious that eating well, rather than just eating, at lunch time is important for your health as well as your work performance. People Management highlighted the importance of eating foods which release glucose, such as blueberries and dark chocolate to help with brain alertness, as well as keeping hydrated by drinking water and eating vegetables.

At Pynes Hill Business Park, we are lucky enough to have Grub’s Up, a food van that delivers to the many businesses on the estate, alerting the arrival of lunchtime with its jaunty tune as it pulls up. My editor-in-chief is currently tucking into one of its many tasty offerings, though he is doing so al desko. Tut tut.

To practice what I’m preaching in this article, I have attempted to take a healthy but equally lazy homemade lunch approach this week. On Monday I brought in a pack of Ryvitas, a tub of low fat cream cheese and a range of vegetables to cut up and top the crisp breads with. This option gives me several of my recommended daily vegetables, whilst equally being relatively low fuss as it just requires a bit of chopping and spreading at lunchtime. It’s also a plan that can last me the week, but is flexible enough for me to partake in other options, like yesterday’s indulgent trip to Cosy Club.

If you’re feeling a little more culinarily inclined than I was on Monday, then take a look at BBC Good Food’s list of healthy lunch ideas for work. They are handily broken down into categories; for example pasta salads, protein pots and homemade wraps; and include timings as well as a handy difficulty rating.

Live Streaming Fitness also has a great list of healthy lunch tips and recipes to get you salivating for your lunch break. There’s even a section for foods that fight fat.

We called for you to join our lunch movement and tag us in to your lunch activities. Our favourite response came from Sarah Reis, a freelance graphic designer who also works part-time for Carousel Calendars in Exeter.

“I often eat ‘al desko’. I get amazing healthy food delivered to my desk by S.P Nutrition. I try and get out for a walk or run with my colleagues during my lunch break and it makes me feel more productive in the afternoon.”

Well said Sarah, you are truly a lunchtime champion.

And for your final bit of lunch inspiration, here is the lovely Birdie, taking a sneaky lunch break guzzling the crumbs from our editor’s sandwich. If Birdie can do it, so can you!

Birdie lunchtime inspiration

Photos by Sofy Robertson and Qearl Hu on Unsplash


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