Lunch Alert: Get Out!

Lunch Alert: Get Out!

This week, Grow Talk has been focusing on the importance of taking a lunch break. Our first article, Have A Break, Have A … Lunch highlighted the research findings of the benefits of taking a break. Yesterday’s Lunch Alert: Lunchbox Inspiration brought you some foodspiration for your working day.

Today’s lunchtime offering is here to encourage you to get out of your office! We have been blessed with beautiful weather this week so there are no excuses for staying in and eating al desko.

Research has shown that getting active in your lunch break is hugely beneficial to your health, as well as your productivity in the office. This study from Stanford researchers found that taking a walk every day can reduce your risk of depression. A further study found that walking for ½ a mile can reduce brain fatigue.

We at Grow are lucky enough to be situated on Pynes Hill Business Estate, right next to Ludwell Valley Park. In just a few minutes, we can get straight into nature and enjoy a walk through the fields and admire the cattle grazing as the last of the swallows dip low over the long grass. There are also plenty of benches to stop and take in the fresh air or have a spot of lunch.

We aren’t the only lucky ones. If your business is based in Marsh Barton, you’re only a short distance away from taking a walk around the village of Alphington, taking a stroll along the river near Double Locks or walking along the stream by the flood defences.

Based in the city centre? We’ve thought about you too. Northernhay Gardens with its link through to Rougemont Gardens provides a beautiful setting for a short lunchtime circuit and also has plenty of benches for you to take in lunch in the Autumn sunshine. If you’re situated on the outskirts of the city, you’ve still got plenty of choices; St Thomas Pleasure Grounds, Pinces Gardens, Belle Isle Park, Belmont Park… We are fortunate to have such a green city and no matter where you are based, getting out into a green space shouldn’t be an arduous task.

If you’ve got enough time in your lunch break, you could try out one of the sections of the Exeter Green Circle. As a whole, the walk spans thirteen miles (you might not squeeze it in to your hour’s release from the office) but handily, the walk is broken down into six short sections which could be achieved in a long lunch break.

Many companies offer their employees gym membership or discounts and lunchtime is the perfect time to hit the machines and wake up your brain ready for the afternoon. Some Exeter-based companies are even fitting in yoga and meditation into their lunch breaks!

Getting active doesn’t have to stop when you return to your desk. Total Jobs have put together a handy list of ‘deskercises’ to keep your body and brain active through those long work hours. I, of course, tried a few of these out for research purposes and enjoyed the strange looks from my editor as I sat at my desk shoulder shrugging.

So what are you waiting for? Get out, get active and take in this gorgeous weather while it lasts. That’s exactly what I’m doing with my colleague Rowena; eating al fresco rather than al desko.

Lunch outside

Photos by Sofy Robertson and  Liam Pozz on Unsplash

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