Lunch Alert: Get Nattering!

Lunch Alert: Get Nattering!

This week, Grow Talk has been focusing on the importance of taking a lunch break. Our first article, Have A Break, Have A … Lunch highlighted the research findings of the benefits of taking a break. Yesterday’s Lunch Alert: Get Out! brought you some ideas for enjoying this beautiful Autumn weather and getting active.

Today’s lunchtime offering is here to encourage you to get nattering; take a break with the colleagues in your office, or your friends in the business park, or your neighbours if you work from home. Wherever you’re working, whatever you’re doing, take a break and get socialising.

Work isn’t just a place where we go to do our jobs; it’s a place where we interact, whether with our colleagues or our customers. We are social beings who feel rewarded by positive interaction and communication. So, our final lunch time feature focuses on just that. Take a break, get nattering and enjoy each other’s company.

It comes as no surprise that quality work relationships improve both mental and physical health.  A recent survey  found that 30% of workers said skipping lunch makes them feel physically ill in the afternoon with 52% saying it puts them in a bad mood.

No one wants grumpy work colleagues; it doesn’t lead to a productive or positive work environment. One of the reasons employees cited for not taking their lunch breaks according to the Telegraph is because their colleagues don’t. If that is having such an impact, then the reverse must also be true. Take that lunch break and inspire your colleagues to do the same.

Lunch time ‘clubs’ are a great idea and don’t have to be set up by your employer. Whether it is something simple and cost free, like a walking club, or something a little more involved like a yoga or crafts club, it only takes one person to get the ball rolling.

If your office has a designated lunch or break spot, but it’s a bit boring and uninspired, what could you do to change it? Think about what you would want there to make the environment a place people want to go to and have lunch. If you are the employer, ask your employers what they want to see there. If you are the employee, why not make some suggestions to your boss, or try a few home-inspired or DIY touches of your own.

Lunchtimes can provide the perfect amount of time for a book club or a film or TV series club. If you’re anything like me, you may find it hard to squeeze in such things in a busy working week, so why not put that lunch hour to good use?

If you’re still lacking inspiration for what to do to get your employees socialising, have a look at the suggestions from Total Wellness. Or if, like me, you are your company’s appointed ‘Director of Fun’ (yes, it is a real role. What are you trying to say?) then lunchtimes can be a chance to chat to colleagues and gather ideas for team and social activities outside work.

We at Grow are extremely lucky to have our offices in Pynes Hill Business centre where our new break room is under construction. So, we’re going to take our own advice and use it this lunchtime to eat pizza, play some pool, and have a good old natter about the success of putting our October issue to bed.


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