Happy Punday!

Grow Talk by Sofy Robertson

Yes, that’s right, it is officially Punday, the day of the UK Pun Championships, a day where anything goes as long as it’s punny.

A total sellout for the past four years, the UK Pun Championship is taking place as part of Leicester Comedy Festival today in honour of the Great British pun.

Contestants from the UK will compete head-to-head in front of a live audience hoping to be crowned the UK Pun Champion.

Following a format similar to a rap battle, the event takes place in a boxing ring with puns being thrown, rather than punches, to entertain the audience surrounding the ring. Topics are chosen at random on the night and competitors then take it in turns to pun around that particular topic.

So how is the punniest person chosen? Audiences vote for their pun champion by whooping and cheering with those receiving the loudest support continuing through to the next round. After an evening of trying to out-pun each other, two finalists will fight to the comedy death until a winner is crowned.

Last year’s winner, Robert Thomas, or ‘Pun Robert’ won with a succession of quick quips, including:

“I once did an experiment into the effects of alcohol. The result was staggering.”

“I think that this Brexit process has been like a catheter for Britain as when we leave we’ll no longer be in-continent.”

Pun Robert returns as a finalist this year, hoping to be crowned the punniest person in the UK for the second year in a row.

Good luck to Rob and the rest of this year’s finalists; Stevie Vegas, Adele Cliff, Joseph Murphy, Colin Leggo, Eleanor Colville, Richard Woolford and Alf. Grow are looking forward to catching the highlights on YouTube!

UK Pun Championships Grow Talk

Photo by Bogomil Mihaylov on Unsplash

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